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Subject: Re: CAF Generation with namebank
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 1:02:28 AM
Reply to: CAF Generation with namebank by Patience2010
H: Rufus Morrison Alley [85]
W: Lenore Dolly (Badwyn) Alley [84]

S1: Amias Fielding Alley [55]
S2: Phelan Thelonious Alley [52]

S1: Amias Fielding Alley [55]
exW: Blanche Lucienne (Mouselle) Alley [55]

S: Malachy Orson Alley [27]
-W: Philomena Paz (Turner) Alley "Mina" [27]
-D/D: Caia Guinevere Alley / Cornelia Austen Alley [3]
-S: Romulus Cosmo Alley [exp]

D: Saskia Valentine (Alley) Wheeler [24]
-H: Maxfield Vaughn Wheeler "Max" [25]
-D: Elspeth Lilou Wheeler [3]
-D: Leonie Henrietta Wheeler [2]
-S: Crispin Socrates Wheeler [exp]

S: Finbar Thornton Alley "Finn" [20]
D: Annora Fleur Alley [18]

W: Cerys Maryana (Cook) Alley [48]

S/S: Jedidiah Oberon Alley / Zebulon Nicandro Alley [15]
S: Griffith Percival Alley [13]
D: Adira Honora Alley [11]
S: Azaiah Hart Alley [9]
S/D: Hamish North Alley / Amabel Cyra [7]

S2: Phelan Thelonious Alley [52]
W: Electra Langley (Nash) Alley [44]

D: Isolde Celestia Alley [19]
D: Jacinta Ione Alley [16]
S: Balthazar Casimir Alley [11]
S: Tobiah Lorcan Alley [9]
D/D/S: Mireille Branwen Alley / Noely Gray Alley / Casper Leonides Alley [6]
S: Isidore Day Alley [3]
D/D: November Snow Alley / Dariela Anouk Alley [exp]

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