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Subject: Re: CAF Generation with namebank
Author: PyrateMommy86   (Authenticated as PyrateMommy86)
Date: October 7, 2012 at 2:50:17 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation with namebank by Patience2010
H: Fergus Jedidiah Green “Fergus” [85]
W: Cornelia Valentine (Wigglesworth) Green “Cornelia” [84]

S1: Maxfield Rufus Green “Max” [55]
S2: Percival Isidore Green “Percy” [52]

Fergus & Cornelia Green: Max, & Percy
S1: Maxfield Rufus Green “Max” [55]
exW: Fleur Henrietta (Alley) Green “Fleur” [55]

S: Tobiah Piers Green “Toby” [27]
-W: Philomena Ione (Mouselle) Green “Mena” [27]
-D/D: Pippa Antonina Green “Pippa” / Tessie Augustina Green “Tess” [3]
-S: Prescott Vaughn Green “Prescott” [exp]

D: Elizabella Celestia (Green) Barnes “Eliza” [24]
-H: Finbar Godfrey Barnes “Finn” [25]
-D: Annora Sinead Barnes “Annie” [3]
-D: Lucienne Rafaella Barnes “Lucy” [2]
-S: Leonides Malachy Barnes “Leo” [exp]

S: Coltrane Griffith Green “Cole” [20]
D: Honora Isolde Green “Nora” [18]

W: Federica Olympia (Badwyn) Green “Ricki” [48]

S/S: Breccan Kermit Green “Breccan” / Lorcan Fielding Green “Lorcan” [15]
S: Phelan Amias Green “Phelan” [13]
D: Cicely Jezebel Green “Cicely” [11]
S: Stellan Cashel Green “Stellan” [9]
S/D: Walden Reynold Green “Walden” / Zandra Sidra Green “Zandra” [7]

Max & Fleur Green: Toby, Eliza, Cole, & Nora
Toby & Mena Green: Pippa, Tess, & Prescott
Eliza & Finn Barnes: Annie, Lucy, & Leo
Max & Ricki Green: Breccan, Lorcan, Phelan, Cicely, Stellan, Walden, & Zandra
S2: Percival Isidore Green “Percy” [52]
W: Guinevere Cerys (Turner) Green “Guin” [44]

D: Eleonora Amabel Green “Ella”[19]
D: Maryana Noely Green “Mary” [16]
S: Crispin Hart Green “Cris” [11]
S: Nicandro Laird Green “Nico” [9]
D/D/S: Katherina Mireille Green “Katie” / Lilibeth Dariela Green “Lily” / Hamish Oberon Green “Hamish” [6]
S: Thornton Raoul Green “Thorn” [3]
D/D: Adira Branwen Green “Adira” / Caia Elspeth Green “Caia” [exp]

Percy & Guin Green: Ella, Mary, Cris, Nico, Katie, Lily, Hamish, Thorn, Adira, & Caia

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