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Subject: Re: Generation CAF with Namebanks
Author: Diamante04   (Authenticated as Diamante04)
Date: October 10, 2012 at 1:37:54 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF with Namebanks by rubymay92
DH: Luke Kyle Smith (70)
DW: Olivia Sadie Altamira (66)

DS: Brandon Carter Smith (46)
-DW: Zoe Bella Thomas (38)
--DD: Ava Caitlin (13)
--DS: Nathaniel Elliot 'Nathan' (8)

DS: William Isaac Smith 'Liam' (44)
-DW: Isabella Abby Rivas (46)
--DS: Joseph Mason 'Joe' (18)
--DD: Hannah Melissa (16)
--DS: Luke Oliver (13)
--DD: Elizabeth Ava (11)

DS: Jacob Aidan Smith (41)
-DW: Olivia Lucy Williams (41)
--DS: Ryan Charlie (15)
--DD: Macey-Grace Emily (13)
--DS: Matthew Jack 'Matt' (10)

DS: Zachary Dhilan Smith 'Zach' (40)
-DW: Lauren Ellie Ward (35)
--DD: Sydney Lily (7)
--DS: Dylan Zachary (5)
--DS: Aidan Lewis (2)
--DD: Megan Olivia (nb)

DS: Michael Stephen Smith (38)
-DW: Lauren Ella Jacobson (40)
--DD: Ella Lauren (13)
--DD: Olivia Emily 'Livie' (12)
--DD: Rebecca Macy (7)
--DS: Alexander Paul 'Xander' (5)
--DS: William Samuel 'Liam' (nb)

DS: Ethan Thomas Smith (37)
-DW: Emily Annabel Howard (39)
--DS: Jordan Evan (12)
--DS: Elliott Jack (11)
--DD: Kennedy Daisy (10)

DS: Oliver Patrick Smith (35)
-DW: Elizabeth Zoe Moore (36)
--DS: Joseph Liam 'Joe' (6)
--DD: Sophia Megan (3)
--DD: Lily Emma (1)

DS: Evan Hayden Smith (34)
-DH: Benjamin Isaac Corinthos 'Ben' (38)
--DD: Natalie Rebecca(6)
--DS/DS: Samuel Brent 'Sam' / Oliver Andrew (5)
--DD: Kaitlyn Aimee 'Kate' (3)
--DD/DS: Claire Marie / Dylan James (nb)

DD: Amy Lucy Smith (31)
-DH: Nathan Oliver Cole (29)
--DD/DS: Madeleine Hannah / Evan Cole (10)
--DD: Juliet Brooke 'Julie' (5)
--DS: Daniel Josh 'Dan' (nb)

DD: Katie Holly Smith 'Kate' (30)
-DW: Ellie Dania Evans (35)
--DS: Joshua Oliver 'Josh' (7)
--DS: Spencer William (5)
--DD: Emmie Leah (2)

DS: Joseph David Smith 'Joe' (29)
-DW: Lily-May Isabelle Alvarado (27)
--DS: Jack Shane (3)
--DD: Grace Ella(1)
--DS: Gabriel Sam (nb)

Jennifer Nicole
...Loving the Names...
Julia Elisabeth, Kate Alexandra, Natalia Cristina, Olivia Rachel
Grant Joseph, Jacob William, John Spencer, Jude Hamilton

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