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Subject: Re: Combo CAF
Author: Diamante04   (Authenticated as Diamante04)
Date: October 10, 2012 at 1:48:52 AM
Reply to: Combo CAF by Viatrix
H [63] Michael Damien {LN: Murray}
W [63] Olivia Louise {LN: Thompson}

D [35] Katherine Eva 'Kate'
-W [36] Victoria Agnes {LN: Anderson}
--S [6] Lucas Liam 'Luke'
--D [3] Olivia Stephanie 'Livie'
--S [1] Nathaniel Edmund 'Nathan'

D [31] Abigail Rosina 'Abby'
-H [31] Gregory Ulysses 'Greg' {LN: O'Dell}
--D [2] Rebecca Tamsin
--S [nb] Isaac Robert

S [30] Nicholas Benedict 'Nick'
-W [30] Grace Eleanor {LN: Ellis}

S [28] Lysander Edmund 'Andy'
-Gf [27] Emeline lydia {LN: Torris}
--D [6mo] Estella Leontine 'Stella'

Jennifer Nicole
...Loving the Names...
Julia Elisabeth, Kate Alexandra, Natalia Cristina, Olivia Rachel
Grant Joseph, Jacob William, John Spencer, Jude Hamilton

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