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Subject: Re: Generation CAF with Namebanks
Author: Nell   (guest)
Date: October 14, 2012 at 4:42:13 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF with Namebanks by rubymay92
DH: Alfie Luke Samuel(70)
DW: Lydia Phoebe (66)

Alfie & Lydia

DS: Corey Benjamin Adam (46)
-DW: Bella Petra (38)
--DD: Ava Lily Sasha (13)
--DS: Finlay Nathaniel Gray (8)

Corey & Bella
Ava & Finn

DS: Isaac William Joshua (44)
-DW: Eva Caitlin (46)
--DS: Mason Miles Daniel (18)
--DD: Megan Isobel Charlotte (16)
--DS: Luke Edward Oliver (13)
--DD: Arianna Zoe Maya (11)

Zac & Eva
Mason, Meg, Luke & Aria

DS: Liam Jacob James (41)
-DW: Sophie Olivia (41)
--DS: Oscar George Charlie (15)
--DD: Phoebe Claudia Emily (13)
--DS: Henry Jenson Jack (10)

Liam & Sophie
Oscar, Phoebe & Henry

DS: Ethan Zachary Jayden (40)
-DW: Holly Amelia (35)
--DD: Thalia Sydney Lola (7)
--DS: Max Dylan Harry (5)
--DS: Harvey Aidan Toby (2)
--DD: Lucy Beatrice Arianna (nb)

Ethan & Holly
Thalia, Max, Harvey & Lucy

DS: Toby Michael Eric (38)
-DW: Poppy Ella (40)
--DD: Darcie-Beau Esme (13)
--DD: Imogen Emily Beth (12)
--DD: Macy Alice Hannah (7)
--DS: Alexander Charlie Oliver (5)
--DS: Eli Toby William (nb)

Toby & Poppy
Darcie, Imogen, Macy, Lex & Eli

DS: Leon Harry Thomas (37)
-DW: Annabel Emily (39)
--DS: Freddie Jordan Liam (12)
--DS: Rory Callum Jack (11)
--DD: Summer Daisy Phoebe (10)

Leon & Annie
Freddie, Rory & Summer

DS: Oliver Lewis Patrick (35)
-DW: Katie-Rose Eliza (36)
--DS: Alfie Joseph George (6)
--DD: Lily Megan Olivia (3)
--DD: Heidi Emma Sophie (1)

Oliver & Katie-Rose
Alfie, Lily & Heidi

DS: Hayden Noah David (34)
-DH: Benjamin James (38)
--DD Isla Freya Miley (6)
--DS/DS: Harley Brent Samuel / Oscar Jenson Tyler (5)
--DD: Aaliyah Caitlin Charlotte (3)
--DD/DS: Emmie Claire Amelia / Dylan Adam Jake (nb)

Hayden & Ben
Idla, Harley, Oscar, Aaliyah, Emmie & Dylan

DD: Abigail Edie Maisie (31)
-DH: Max Riley (29)
--DD/DS: Madeline Josie-May / Cole Evan Ben (10)
--DD: Hollie Juliet Maya (5)
--DS: George Finley Harry (nb)

Abbie & Max
Madeline, Cole, Hollie & George

DD: Evie Amelie Freya (30)
-DW: Eden Katya (35)
--DS: James Oliver George (7)
--DS: Spencer Joseph Jack (5)
--DD: Lois Annabel Emmie (2)

Evie & Eden
James, Spencer & Lois

DS: Theo Keiran Lewis (29)
-DW: Tallulah Catriona (27)
--DS: Noah Shane Theo (3)
--DD: Daisy Amelia Grace (1)
--DS: Gabriel Sam Harry (nb)

Theo & Tally
Noah, Daisy & Gabriel

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