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Subject: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: February 13, 2013 at 8:47:55 AM
I know my last NTNB stopped abruptly, but I have a bit more time (eh, kind of), now so I thought I'd start a new one. This one is a super-hero themed one, so it's kind of silly and kind of anything, absurd, OTT, normal or whatever goes. Have fun! :P

The parents' names and alias names have been automatically generated, the rest is up to you :)

Also, join or drop out or skip rounds whenever you like, no sign-up needed.

The Roldán family

DH: Hugo Alfonso Roldán "Wing Man" [35]
DW: Giorgia Alfreda (Leggièri) Roldán "Charmmancer" [30]


Our first couple are Hugo and Giorgia Roldán. Hugo Roldán, alias "Wing Man", is a superhero of Columbian heritage. His super-power is the control of avian creatures, something he finds both useless and hilarious. It is surprisingly difficult to thwart crime with a flock of pigeons. Giorgia is a superheroine of the 'magical gal' variety, although she specialises in fire-based powers. She is more serious and more successful than her partner. Hugo and Giorgia have been married for five years, and have just decided to start a family as they are slowing down from the superhero game. They are now expecting a son.

They want his first name to be Spanish, and his middle name to reflect Giorgia's Italian-American heritage. Hugo would like there to be something slightly silly or tongue-in-cheek with his son's name or nickname. Giorgia disagrees, and would prefer, if anything, that the nickname be silly rather than the given name.

The Matevosian-Ilbert family

DH: Vahan Matevosian "Meteor Bane" [28]
DGf: Felicia "Flick" Coriander Ilbert "Negachance" [26]


Vahan and Flick have been dating on-and-off for four years. They were not expecting a child, and that Flick is pregnant with a son is somewhat of a shock for them. Nonetheless, they have decided to try and make a functional family, which is difficult, given their different natures. Vahan is "Meteor Bane", a superhero blessed with cosmological powers, whilst Felicia is "Negachance", a supervillain with the powers of luck manipulation and negation. Personality-wise, they don't mesh so great, but with a kid on the way they're hoping to make it work.

They would like their DS' FN to be Armenian with an English-language nickname. His middle name should be a herb or spice which is not really used as a name - so no Sage, Herbie or Saffron.

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