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Subject: CAF Competition ABC
Author: Loki   (Authenticated as SamJr7)
Date: February 13, 2013 at 1:26:46 PM
LN: Amundson, Banner, Caldwell, Abbott, Churchill, Atherton, Burnell
MN: Belisario, Armistead, Creighton, Alderidge, Bosco, Atworth, Caddock

DH: FN: Conrad, Alfred, Ari, Brady, Crispin MN: Augustine, Christo, Adrian, Amaury, , Basil
DW: FN: Aurelia, Carys, Aster, Aoife, Cecelia MN: Ardis, Camilla, Coralie, Averil, Brontë

DD: FN: Charlize, Allegra, Avis, Christabel, Bronwen MN: Cyrille, Albany, Beatrice, Alanis, Connolly
DD: FN: Ashton, Caprice, Bernadine, Astrid, Caroline MN: Corisande, Ainsley, Cricket, Anneliese, Cosette
DD: FN: Araminta, Cordelia, Aveline, Caoimhe, Blakesley MN: Aisling, Coral, Bellamy, Auriel, Chrysanthemum
DS/DD: FN: Artemis, Bryn, Atticus MN: Chauncey, Auden, Abram, / FN: Annabella, Anya, Callista, Bristol, Audrina MN: Ariadne, Clarice, Ayla, Bardot, Connelly
DS: FN: Arlo, Blake, Craig, Aubrey, Alfie MN: Burke, Albion, Cassidy, Benson, Aloysius
DD/DS: FN: Aria, Ceridwen, Catalina, Angelina, Bryony MN: Afton, Blythe, Colette, Alice, Corinne / FN: Curtis, Asher, Benedict, Alexis, Cornelius MN: Abel, Curran, Alistair, Bronson, Carlisle
DS: FN: Cassius, Archer, Boyd, Amicus, Brock MN: Caleb, Briar, Aristotle, Campbell, Byron
DS: FN: Bennett, Amos, Benson, Aneurin, Cullen MN: Alexander, Benicio, Camden, Beckett, Ames

It's a brand new day!
And the sun is high!
All the birds are singin' that you're gonna die!

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