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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: Amalia   (Authenticated as Phoenix_Rising)
Date: February 14, 2013 at 5:44:10 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
H: [100] Charles Julian Platt
W: [98] Isabel Louise Branford Platt

D1: [73] Adelaide Victoria Platt King
D2: [70] Eliora Caroline Platt Santhy

D1: [73] Adelaide Victoria Platt King
H: [73] Grayson Richard King

D: [47] Sylvia Miriam King Robinson
-exH: [47] Ashton Luke Wells
-D: [24] Lydia Brynn Wells
-D: [23] Cora Gwen Wells
-D: [21] Mallory Reese Wells
-D: [18] Audrey Leanne Wells
-S: [16] Samuel Byron Wells
-H: [61] Thomas Marlowe Robinson
-S: [8] Josiah Chase Robinson
-D: [7] Stella Harper Robinson

S: [45] Finley Winston King
-W: [36] Clarissa Tierney Harding King
-S: [12] Finley Winston King II "Winston"
-S: [4] Milo Joseph King

D: [40] Tora Kathrin King Baker
-exH: [46] Michael Halston Weyhill
-D: [23] Melina Nathalie Weyhill
-S: [21] George William Weyhill
-D: [19] Briony Gail Weyhill
-S: [16] Dominic James Weyhill
-S: [14] Philip Charles Weyhill
-H: [53] Scott Joseph Baker
-D/D: [11] Rebecka Mary Baker / Hannah Velvet Baker
-D: [9] Garnet Abelia Baker
-D/S: [6] Norah Isabelle Baker / Andrew Francis Baker

D: [33] Evelyn Selena King Brown
-H: [41] Oliver Levi Brown
-S: [12] Daniel Colton Brown
-D: [10] Maria Ruby Brown
-D: [7] Abigail Faye Brown
-D: [5] Nola Mckenna Brown
-D: [2] Jessa Adria Brown
-D: [nb] Eileen Dawn Brown

S: [31] Orion Wolf King
-W: [26] Vesper Lunette New Castle King
-S: [5] Orion Wolf King II "Wolf"
-D: [3] Guinivere Colette King
-D: [1] Aveline Rosemary King
-S: [exp] Rowan Beckett King

S: [27] Eliot Thoreau King

D2: [70] Eliora Caroline Platt Santhy
exH: [70] Heath Percival Sargent

D: [44] Annika Fabienne Sargent Tilden
-H: [46] Xavier Samuel Tilden
-S: [23] Heath Percival Tilden
--W: [24] Lumina Grace Richards Tilden
--S: [nb] Heath Percival Tilden II "H.P."
-S: [21] Rhys Garrett Tilden
-D/D: [19] Nicolina Rhiannon Tilden / Aurelia Martin Tilden
-D: [17] Eleonora Madeleine
-S: [14] Xavier Samuel Tilden II "Xavi"
-S: [12] Dashiell Rowan Tilden
-D/S: [10] Corinna Elsbeth Tilden / Seth Jonathan Tilden

S: [40] Heath Percival Sargent II "Percy"
-W: [38] Helena Cosette Masterson Sargent
-D/S: [15] Jessamine Alexandrie Sargent / Heath Percival Sargent III
-D: [11] Caterina Felicie Sargent
-S: [9] Jasper Devon Sargent
-S/S: [7] Archer Louis Sargent / Oscar Hudson Sargent
-D: [4] Bethany Salome Sargent
-S: [1] Ronan Edward Sargent

S: [35] Luca Roman Sargent
-W: [31] Anna Jovienne Ibrook Sargent
-S: [5] Luca Roman Sargent II "L.R."
-S: [3] Heath Percival Sargent
-D: [1] Cassandra Victoire Sargent

H: [72] Peter Myles Santhy

D: [30] Theodora Marianne Santhy Draper
-H: [32] Alec Pierce Draper
-D: [6] Imogen Elizabeth Draper
-S: [4] Emmett Harry Draper
-D: [1] Azalee Kristienne Draper
-S: [exp] Marcus Nathaniel Draper

S: [28] Camden Thatcher Santhy
-W: [26] Hannah Emalina Bryan Santhy
-D: [5] Zoe Violet Santhy
-D: [3] Piper Sage Santhy
-S: [1] Camden Thatcher Santhy II "Cam"
-S: [exp] Brock Gabriel Santhy

D: [26] Willow Juliette Santhy Tenney
-H: [35] Oliver Lincoln Tenney
-S: [9] Oliver Lincoln Tenney II "Link"
-S: [7] Easton John Tenney
-D: [5] Lilia Claire Tenney
-S/D: [3] Anders West Tenney / Hazel Delilah Tenney
-D: [exp] Fleur Novella Tenney

D: [24] Cleo Alice Santhy Gilbert
-H: [32] Finn Kingsley Gilbert
-D: [4] Avia Roselle Gilbert
-D: [2] Poppy Arabella Gilbert
-S: [1] Finn Kingsley Gilbert II "Kingsley"
-D: [exp] Briar Serena Gilbert

~ Amalia

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