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Subject: Re: CAF Generation
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: February 14, 2013 at 7:06:49 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation by Patience2010
Charles Edward Wood
Alexandra Sophia Rose Wood

Philippa Matilda Rose Wood
Louisa Elizabeth Rose Wood

Charlie and Alex: Pippa, Louisa

Philippa Matilda Rose Wood King
Everett Grayson King

Sylvia Susannah Rose King Clinton
- Beckett Emerson Wells X
-- Scarlett Brynn Rose Wells
-- Molly Addison Rose Wells
-- Sarah Delaney Rose Wells
-- Genevieve Rebecca Rose Wells
-- Samuel Stellan King Wells
- Thomas Eli Clinton
-- Josiah Chase King Clinton
-- Esme Norah Rose Clinton

Sylvia and Beckett: Scarlett, Molly, Sadie, Evie, Sam
- and Tom: JC, Esme

Finley John King
- Hannah Clarissa Chase King
-- Finley John King Jr.
-- Joseph Milo Chase King

Finley and Hannah: Finn, Joey

Leah Adelaide Rose King Baker
- Jack Matthew Bent X
-- Emmalina Victoire Rose Bent
-- Charles William King Bent
-- Briony Aurelia Rose Bent
-- Theodore Edward King Bent
-- Benjamin Matthew King Bent
- Scott Jackson Baker
-- Rebecka Seraphina Rose Baker / Junia Cassia Rose Baker
-- Annia Merrigan Rose Baker
-- Norah Ramona Rose Baker / Daniel Alexander King Baker

Leah and Jack: Emma, Charlie, Briony, Theo, Ben
- and Scott: Becka, Junia, Annie, Norah, Daniel

Arya Katrina Rose King Brown
- Jasper Christopher Brown
-- Daniel Alden King Brown
-- Cassandra Maria Rose Brown
-- Abigail Jane Rose Brown
-- Gwendolyn Juliette Rose Brown
-- Elizabeth Adria Rose Brown
-- Mercy Allegra Rose Brown

Arya and Jasper: Daniel, Cassie Maria, Abby Jane, Gwen, Beth, Mercy

Josiah Lennon King
- Elizabel Margaretta Oliver King
-- Josiah Lennon King Jr.
-- Tabitha Sarah Rose King
-- Celestine Elizabella Rose King
-- Beckett John Oliver King

Josiah and Eliza: JL, Abi, Essie, Beckett

Eliot Joseph King

Pippa and Rhett: Sylvia, Finley, Leah, Arya, Josiah, Eliot

Louisa Elizabeth Rose Wood Santhy
John Auden May X

Annika Nicola Rose May Tilden
- Aiden Samuel Tilden
-- John Auden Tilden
--- Grace Ione Richard
---- John Auden Tilden Jr.
-- Emmett Declan Tilden
-- Nicolina Mary Rose Tilden / Magnolia Hannah Rose Tilden
-- Madeleine Eleonora Rose Tilden
-- Aiden Samuel Tilden
-- Nicholas Greyson Tilden
-- Corinna Delilah Rose Tilden / Jonathan Joel Tilden

Annika and Aiden: Johnny, Emmett, Lina, Nola, Maddie, Aiden, Nick, Cori, JJ
Johnny and Grace: Jack

John Auden May Jr.
- Gwendolen Adelaide Hobart May
-- Alexandrine Roisin May / John Auden May III
-- Xanathene Marigold May
-- Liam Jasper May
-- Jackson Louis May / Austin Chase May
-- Ruthanne Marguerite May
-- Ronan Edward May

Jack and Gwen: Lexa, John, Annie, Liam, Jackson, Austin, Rue, Ronan

James Samuel May
- Georgiana Lucienne Bruen May
-- James Samuel May Jr.
-- John Auden May IV
-- Cassandra Hannah Rose May

James and Georgia: Jamie, Johnnie, Cassie

William Fletcher Santhy

Maddalena Guinevere Rose Santhy Lawrence
- Evan Joshua Lawrence
-- Sienna Elizabeth Rose Lawrence
-- Daniel Emmett Lawrence
-- Emmaliese Mary Rose Lawrence
-- Ryan Jacob Lawrence

Maddie and Evan: Sienna, Daniel, Emma, Ryan

Ashton Scott Santhy
- Cassiane Nicoline Bryan Santhy
-- Abby Rose Violet Santhy
-- Sage Elizabeth Rose Santhy
-- Ashton Scott Santhy Jr.
-- Rhys Gabriel Bryan Santhy

Ashton and Cassi: Abby Rose, Sage Elizabeth, Ash, Rhys

Scarlett Lucy Rose Santhy Morgan
- Samuel Grey Morgan
-- Samuel Grey Morgan Jr.
-- Vaughn Gideon Morgan
-- Lily Claire Rose Morgan
-- Anders Roderick Morgan / Anna Belle Rose Morgan
-- Reese Elizabeth Rose Morgan

Scarlett and Samuel: Sam, Vaughn, Lily Claire, Anders, Anna Belle, Reese Elizabeth

Alice Esme Rose Santhy Gilbert
- Finn John Gilbert
-- Lola Rose Sarah Gilbert
-- Abigail Isabelle Rose Gilbert
-- Finn John Gilbert Jr.
-- Elizabeth Adeline Rose Gilbert

Alice and Finn: Lola Rose, Abby Belle, Finn John, Ellie Adeline

Louisa and John: Annika, Jack, James
- and Will: Maddie, Ashton, Scarlett, Alice

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