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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: February 16, 2013 at 11:19:50 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Serel Channah
DH (91): Brock Samuel Watson
DW (86): Maria Margaret [Burnett] Watson

DD1 (61): Etta Nicole Watson
DD2/DD3 (58): Rebecca Ruth Watson / Caroline Rose Watson
DS1 (55): Everett George Watson
DS2 (53): Mitchell Justin Watson

Brock and Maria Watson
Etta, Becky, Caroline, Everett, and Mitchell


DD1 (61): Etta Nicole [Watson] Biology
DH (67): David Norman Biology

Etta and David Biology
James, Jane, Michael, Ginny, Mollie Jean, and Leo

DS (42): James Leon Biology
-DW (40): Bonnie Euphemia [Dah] Biology
--DD (15): Nancy Anneliese Biology
--DS (12): Jules Valentin Biology
--DS (10): Stanley Conrad Biology

James and Bonnie Biology
Nancy, Jules, and Stanley

DD (40): Jane Harriet [Biology] Murray
-DH (43): August Morton Murray
--DD (16): Pearl Martha Murray
---xDbf (19): Harry Carmelo Frost
----DS (1): Franklin Pasquale Murray
--DS (12): Attila Randolph Murray
--DD/DD (10): Yvonne Marjorie Murray / Grace Eunice Murray

Jane and August Murray
Pearl, Attila, Yvonne, and Gracie

Pearl Murray and Harry Frost

DS (38): Michael Luis Biology
-DW (34): Regina Kay [Hanson] Biology
--DS (10): Wallace Winslow Biology
--DD (5): Eileen Blanche Biology

Michael and Regina Biology
Wallace and Eileen

DD (35): Virginia Devlin [Biology] Holland
-DH (35): Jaime Claude Holland
--DD (8): Edna Anita Holland
--DD (5): Doris Rosemarie Holland
--DS (2): Gonzalo Russell Holland

Ginny and Jaime Holland
Edna, Doris, and Gonzalo

DD (34): Mollie Jean [Biology] Star
-xDH (35): Henry Dominic Adcock
--DD (10): Miriam Lila Adcock
-DH: (34): Rico Armand Star
--DS (5): Curtis Wilfred Star
--DS (2): Morris Howard Star
--DS (exp): Dwight Eugene Star

Mollie Jean Star and Henry Adcock

Mollie Jean and Rico Star
Curtis, Morris, and Dwight

DS (30): Leo Jesus Biology
-Dgf (27): Florence Lillian Green

Leo Biology and Flora Green


DD2 (58): Rebecca Ruth [Watson] Mutehart
DH (60): Jonathan Ernest Mutehart

Becky and Jon Mutehart
Dana, Renee, Clara, and Alan

DD (35): Dana Lois Mutehart
-Dgf (29): Agnes Alexander Jensen
--DS (1): Alfred Kenneth Mutehart-Jensen

Dana Mutehart and Agnes JEnsen

DD (33): Renee Flower [Mutehart] Landry
-DH (35): Larry Jerome Landry
--DD (10): Maxine Aurora Landry
--DD (6): Irma Claudia Landry
--DD (4): Luisa Alejandra Landry

Renee and Larry Landry
Maxine, Irma, and Luisa

DD (28): Clara Michele [Mutehart] Martin
-DH (30): Aaron Leopoldo Martin
--DS (nb): Earl Maurice Martin

Clara and Aaron Martin

DS (25): Alan Thomas Mutehart
-Dgf (20): Charlotte Patricia Middleton

Alan Mutehart and Charley Middleton


DD3 (58): Caroline Rose Watson
DW (57): Flora Sue Bloom

Caroline Watson and Flora Bloom
Omar, Marlin, Michael, Esther, Alice, Benji, and May

DS (30): Omar Jay Watson-Bloom
-DW (26): June Lillian [Palace] Watson-Bloom
--DS (3): Peter Alphonso Watson-Bloom
--DS (1): Gregory Lionel Watson-Bloom
--DD (nb): Norma Clotilde Watson-Bloom

Omar and June Watson-Bloom
Peter, Greg, and Norma

DS (27): Marlin Gaetano Watson-Bloom
-DW (24): Sally Diane [Quint] Watson-Bloom
--DS (1): Darwin Louis Watson-Bloom

Marlin and Sally Watson-Bloom

DS (24): Michael Joel Watson-Bloom
-Dgf (19): Naomi Iris Saunders
--DD (nb): Ingrid Rosemary Saunders

Michael Watson-Bloom and Naomi Saunders

DD (23): Esther Judith [Watson-Bloom] Peach
-DH (30): Arthur Edmund Peach
--DS (4): Thomas David Peach
--DD/DD (2): Leah Susan Peach / Ottilie Camille Peach
--DS (exp): Victor Cary Peach

Esther and Arthur Peach
Thomas, Leah, Ottilie, and Victor

DD (19): Alice Valerie Watson-Bloom
-Dbf (19): Willis Peter Zara

Alice Watson-Bloom and Willis Zara

DS/DD (15): Benjamin Nathan Watson-Bloom / May Doreen Watson-Bloom


DS1 (55): Everett George Watson
DW (54): Theresa Colleen [Ledford] Watson

Everett and Tessa Watson
Clare, Ned, Alex, and Rosa

DD (29): Clare Gloria [Watson] Pink
-DH (31): Martin Gerald Pink
--DD (5): Dawn Ada Pink
--DD (3): Natasha Cate Pink

Clare and Martin Pink
Dawn and Natasha

DS (25): Edwin Jose Watson
-Dgf (21): Estela Virginia Lee

Ned Watson and Estela Lee

DS (23): Alexander Lawrence Watson
-Dgf (20): Olga Natalie Morrow

Alex Watson and Olga Morrow

DD (21): Rosa Isabelle Watson


DS2 (53): Mitchell Justin Watson
DW (49): Blossom Adelaide [Matthews] Watson

Mitchell and Blossom Watson
Henry, Nora, Myra, Morris, Sid, Janie, Vincent, John, and Dot

DS (25): Henry Leonard Watson
-DW (25): Jessica Sue [Reid] Watson
--DS (2): Guillermo Hosea Watson

Henry and Jessica Watson

DD (21): Elnora Eloise Watson
-Dgf (18): Jessamine Linda Berry

Nora Watson and Jess Berry

DD (20): Myra Mae Watson
-Dbf (21): Albert Carl Black

Myra Watson and Al Black

DS (17): Morris Abraham Watson
-Dbf (15): Thor Eric Coffin

Morris Watson and Thor Coffin

DS (15): Sidney Renford Watson
DD (14): Janie Mercedes Watson
DS/DS (13): Vincent Dennis Watson / John Charles Watson
DD (11): Dorothy Lissa Watson

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