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Subject: Ninor's NTNB -- The Families
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: February 17, 2013 at 11:27:02 AM
Thanks everyone for playing. These are the final families.

The Kysely Family

DH: Kamil Václav Kysely (64)
DW: Jasmina Paraskeva (Brankovich) Kysely (62)

DD: Liljana Graziella (Kysely) Mboge (39) (ValerieK)
--DH: Emanuel Ousainou Mboge (40) (NurseMom75)
--DS: Asa Leoš Mboge (17) (AhaRememo)
--DS: Ezra Maverick Mboge (14) (LM)
DD: Romana Evangelija (Kysely) Acciaioli (37) (zombieoftheweek)
--DH: Lucio Orlando Acciaioli (37)
--DD: Rosalia Kamille Acciaioli (11) (Loki)
--DS: Raffaele Casimir Acciaioli (9) (Loki)
--DS: Loreto Evaland Acciaioli (5) (Weirwood)
AD: Mireya Beatriz (Kysely) Narvaez (37, Argentina) (Jessamine)
--DH: Eladio Khalil Narvaez (39) (Loki)
--DSD: Ilawen Carmina Narvaez (16) (Loki)
--DD: Rayen Imelda Narvaez (10) (Weirwood)
DS: Maximiliano Carlisle Kysely (34) (Jessamine)
--Dbf: Abasi Kafele Mahmoud (31)
--AD: Light Anneliese Mahmoud-Kysely (9, Gambia) (Loki)
--AD: Vale Susannah Mahmoud-Kysely (5, Gambia) (Weirwood)
DS: Matias Vaughn Kysely (30) (ValerieK)
--DW: Zara Isobel (Anderson) Kysely (31)
--DS: Bay Oliver Kysely (3) (Weirwood)
DD: Antonina Ksenija Kysely (27) (Loki)
DS: Amadou Jesse Kysely (25) (Jessamine)

The Rowbottom Family

DH: Daniel Maurice Rowbottom III ”Danny” (56)
DW: Alexandra Michelle (Freeman) Rowbottom ”Lexy” (56)

DS: Christopher Maurus Rowbottom "Kit" (39) (zombieoftheweek)
--DW: Cass Shoshannah (Pelletier) Rowbottom (37) (NurseMom75)
--DD: Carys Mireille Rowbottom (8) (Loki)
--DS: Cullen Valentine Rowbottom (4) (Millie)
DS: Alexander Jeffrey Rowbottom "Lex" (36) (Millie)
--Exgf: Phoebe Madeleine Morgan (32)
--Dgf: Mackenzie Skye Sweet (34) (Millie)
--DD: Ariel Gwyneth Rowbottom (13) (LM)
--DD: Nicolette Indigo Rowottom “Nick” (4)
DS: Sebastian Rooney Rowbottom “Bas” (35) (Weirwood)
--DW: Holly Chelsea (Cooper) Rowbottom (33)
--DS: Dax Cooper Rowbottom (6)(Weirwood)
--DS: Eli Woody Rowbottom (3) (AhaRememo)
DS: Theodore Nenad Rowbottom “Teo” (30) (ValerieK)
--DW: Nadia Juliana (Pyle) Rowbottom (28)
DD: Cordelia Adelais Rowbottom “Del” (23) (Loki)

Ddog: Magic (deceased) (Weirwood)

The Powell-Loncar-Avery Family

DW: Poppy Elizabeth Loncar (54)
ExW: Cara Olivia Powell (61)
DW: Olivia Mildred Avery (57) (Millie)

DD: Danae Leeba (Powell-Loncar) Vandroogenbroeck (39) (LM)
--DH: Kyle Alicksandor Vandroogenbroeck (44) (Loki)
--DD: Kira Heidi Vandroogenbroeck (15) (Weirwood)
--DS: Sebastian Kai Vandroogenbroeck (14) (LM)
AS: Cairo Treasach Powell-Loncar (38, Indonesia) (luvmonkeezz)
--Dgf: Marise Kallisto Fontaine-Thompson (41) (Loki)
--DS/DS: Corin Thomas Loncar-Fontaine / Christian Luke Loncar-Fontaine (10)
--DS: Melbourne Alasdair Loncar-Fontaine (8) (Loki)
--DD: Juno Rose Loncar-Fontiane (7) (Millie)
DD: Aylín Sienna Powell-Loncar (34) (LM)
--Dbf: Jaden Landon Perry (38)
--DD: Penelope Olivia Powell-Loncar (18) (Weirwood)
--DD: Persephone Grace Perry (13) (Jessamine)
--DD: Penrose Willow Perry (11) (ValerieK)
DSS: Micah Grey Avery (32) (AhaRememo)
--AS: Marley Fox Avery (9, Latvia) (Weirwood)
AD: Elene Madison (Loncar-Avery) Stephanidis (30, Georgia) (Jessamine)
--DH: Emmanouil Aramis Stephanidis (43)
--DSS: Munro Emmanouil Stephanidis (18)
--DS: Petros Giorgi Stephanidis (3) (Millie)
--DD: Tamar Korina Stephanidis (1) (Weirwood)
DD/DS: Harlow Indah Loncar-Avery / Heath Kendrick Loncar-Avery (26) (Weirwood)

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win
- Stephen King


Top rated: Vivienne and Dominic
Bottom: Lykke and Napoleon

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