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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: Alcyone   (Authenticated as Alcyone)
Date: February 17, 2013 at 12:03:47 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Serel Channah
DH (91): Samuel James Harold Watson
DW (86): Zoila Clytie Hull

DD1 (61): Lila Elizabeth
DD2/DD3 (58): Christiane Marie / Pauline Rose
DS1 (55): Everett Lee
DS2 (53): Mitchell Robert


DD1 (61): Lila Elizabeth
DH (67): David Aaron McConnell

DS (42): Claud Matthew
-DW (40): Sandra Beverly Morales
--DD (15): Anneliese Lucille
--DS (12): Jules Valentin
--DS (10): Conrad August

DD (40): Vivian Jane
-DH (43): Jonathan Daniel Glover
--DD (16): Brenda Sharon
---xDbf (19): Jordan Carmelo Gray
----DS (1): Taylor Istvan
--DS (12): Aaron Abraham
--DD/DD (10): Kathryn Yvonne / Roslyn Francine

DS (38): Patrick Louis
-DW (34): Karen Victoria Stark
--DS (10): Elliott Wilson
--DD (5): Jamie Isabel

DD (35): Virginia Rutha
-DH (35): Stanley Milton Vargo
--DD (8): Connie Joan
--DD (5): Sheila Rosemarie
--DS (2): Russell Frederick

DD (34): Eleanor Carmen
-xDH (35): Dominic Adam Bayliss
--DD (10): Miriam Elethia
-DH: (34): Armand Clarence Benson
--DS (5): Charlie Curtis
--DS (2): Morris Irwin
--DS (exp): Henry Eugene

DS (30): Leo Gerald
-Dgf (27): Florence Joy Ebanks


DD2 (58): Christiane Marie
DH (60): Christopher Matthew Waters

DD (35): Dana Corrine
-Dgf (29): Sara Alexandra Hultgren
--DS (1): Kevin Alfred

DD (33): Renee Marilyn
-DH (35): Luke William Kazmer
--DD (10): Aurora Maxine
--DD (6): Claudia Lisa
--DD (4): Luisa Jeanne

DD (28): Laura Michele
-DH (30): Reed Aaron Martin
--DS (nb): Bishop Cayetano

DS (25): Joseph Alan
-Dgf (20): Gretchen Nicole Lambert


DD3 (58): Pauline Rose
DW (57): Patricia Sue Kelly

DS (30): Jay Omar
-DW (26): Alexa June Palace
--DS (3): Anthony Lamar
--DS (1): Rafael Gregory
--DD (nb): Annabelle Teawana

DS (27): Brent Charles
-DW (24): Inez Diane Rodriguez
--DS (1): Nicholas Christian

DS (24): Joel Michael
-Dgf (19): Naomi Aline Rifkin
--DD (nb): Alicia Rosemary

DD (23): Kathleen Lourdes
-DH (30): Matthew Clayton Peach
--DS (4): David Marco
--DD/DD (2): Leah Mercelee / Camille Paula
--DS (exp): Victor Rogelio

DD (19): Valerie Anna
-Dbf (19): Willis Peter Vajda

DS/DD (15): Nathan Benjamin / Rachel Ivy


DS1 (55): Everett Lee
DW (54): Colleen Theresa Flaherty

DD (29): Clare Suzette
-DH (31): Harvey Foster Wolfe
--DD (5): Ada Dawn
--DD (3): Natasha Cate

DS (25): William Edwin
-Dgf (21): Estela Sylvia Freeman

DS (23): Alexander Lawrence
-Dgf (20): Natalie Myra Sklar

DD (21): Monica Isabelle


DS2 (53): Mitchell Robert
DW (49): Catherine Shirley Stratton

DS (25): Nathaniel Warren
-DW (25): Jessica Sue Olin
--DS (2): Ivano Terry

DD (21): Agnes Eloise
-Dgf (18): Nikkita Jessamine Allard

DD (20): Mae Jannette
-Dbf (21): Bryant Carl Varas

DS (17): Edward Dale
-Dbf (15): Eric Traver Burgess

DS (15): Sidney Renford
DD (14): Janie Elinor
DS/DS (13): Vincent Dennis / Gerald Lee
DD (11): Gema Grace

Poopie was just a nickname I hope!

I don't recall ever seeing Eighmie before. Too bad they didn't just leave Amy alone, and if they preferred a different spelling, why not Aimee, Ami, or Amie? I even prefer Ami and Amie to Eighmie.

I have never seen Biology as a surname before.

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