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Subject: Unisex Nambank CAF A to C Winners
Author: **Hiddlestoner_26**   (Authenticated as Lady_Skywalker)
Date: February 17, 2013 at 9:58:00 PM
Sorry it took me so long to get this up, better late then never I suppose. I'll post the winners for the rest of the rounds over the next few days :).


DH: Blaque Armani (60) {Julia}
DW: Arthur Allison (57) {Julia}

DD: Carson Albany (27) {Wandering Moon}
-DH: California Brazil (28) {Wandering Moon}
--DS: Cheyenne Adair (4) {PyrateMommy86}
--DD: Aurelius Barrett (2) {PyrateMommy86}
--DD: Brady Austen (1) {Patience2010}

DS: Christy Abilene (26) {PyrateMommy86}
-Dgf: Baldwin Carlisle (23) {PyrateMommy86}
--DD: Brennan Comfort (2) {PyrateMommy86}
--DS: Bird Caspian (Expected) {Patience2010}

DS: Clare Connie (24) {PyrateMommy86}
-DW: Colorado Blaine (24) {Millie}
--DS: Bell Aberdeen (3) {Wandering Moon}
--DD: Clancy Auburn (1) {Wandering Moon}
--DS: Calder Blue (Expected) {Wandering Moon}

DD: Bert Augustine (22) { Millie}
-DH: Curran Blaque (23) {Patience2010}
--DS: Cloud Brio (2) { Millie}
--DD: Ceder Bayou (NB) {Weirwood}

DD: Carlin Cuba (19) {Julia}
-Dfiance: Chaney Barrett (21) {Julia}
--DS: Connelly Brett (Expected) {Eris}

DS: Allison Carmen (18) {PyrateMommy86}
-Dgf: Auburn Carbry (18) {ValerieK}

DS: Chelsea Blair (16) {PyrateMommy86}
DD: Auden California (14) {miakendall1075}

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