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Subject: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB III
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: February 18, 2013 at 8:47:59 AM
This NTNB is a super-hero themed one, so it's kind of silly and kind of anything, absurd, OTT, normal or whatever goes. Have fun! :P

It was really difficult to choose from last round, there were so many great names! :D

Join or drop out or skip rounds whenever you like, no sign-up needed.

The Roldán family

DH: Hugo Alfonso Roldán "Wing Man" [40]
DW: Giorgia Alfreda (Leggièri) Roldán "Charmmancer" [35]

DS: Ricardo Gianpaolo Roldán "Ardo" [5] (Jessamine)
DD/DD: Serafina Sol Roldán "Fina" / Valeria Luna Roldán "Ria" [2] (overtheclouds)

The Roldán family have welcomed another son, and moved into a roomy house in the suburbs.
Their new son's first name should be a relatively uncommon Italian or Spanish name. It should be at least 8 letters long and have a fun short nickname, no more than 4 letters long. His middle name should be a masculine form of Carolina (Hugo's mother), that is, a form of Charles; Giulia (Giorgia's grandmother), that is, a form of Julius; or Vittoria (Giorgia's mother), that is, a form of Victor. This can be any variant from any culture you like.

The Matevosian-Ilbert family

DBf: Vahan Matevosian "Meteor Bane [retired]" [33]
DGf: Felicia "Flick" Coriander Ilbert "Negachance" [31]

DS: Ararat Caraway Matevosian-Ilbert "Ari" [5] (ValerieK)
DS/DS/DS: Altair Garen Matevosian-Ilbert / Oberon Gevorg Matevosian-Ilbert / Perseus Grigor Matevosian-Ilbert [2] (Viatrix)

All is not well with Vahan and Flick, and their increasingly different world views. Vahan isn't happy with the influence Flick is having on their eldest son, who has been getting in trouble at school already, whilst Flick thinks Vahan is stiffling the children's healthy behaviour. That said, with the birth of their daughter, they have been reminded that they should do what's best for their kids. Vahan has quit being a hero for the life of a stay-at-home dad, and Flick is trying to be a more responsible parent.

Their daughter's first name should have something to do with food, spices or herbs - and it can be a commonly used name, so something like Sage, Saffron, Clementine is fine, or something more uncommon and wacky. Her middle name is Armenian. Bonus points if it begins with A, V or G.

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