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Subject: Julia Elisabeth's Congrats, round 13
Author: Julia Elisabeth   (Authenticated as Dahlis)
Date: February 18, 2013 at 4:48:32 PM
Time for round 13!

This round, to keep things simple, you all got four additions: two girls and two boys. Here are the naming rules:


1. FN rules: Must have four or more syllables, and a nickname to go with it.
MN rules: Is between 40-50 on the top list of names in District of Columbia in 2011. Use this link:

2. FN rules: Okay, so as a Swede, I've come across some names that work in Swedish, but not really in English (either because they are difficult to pronounce, or have an unusual spelling or because the name means something entirely different in English). I have a list of them here, and I'd like you to choose one of them and "translate" them to English. Like, a similar name, but one that would work in English. Here is the list:
Fanny, Hjördis, Inge, Li, Malin, My, Pia, Solveig
MN rules: An "old peoples' name" that makes you think of grandparents.


1. FN rules: From this list:
MN rules: Starts with Mc- or Mac-, like McKenna or Mackenzie. You can use this list for inspiration:

2.FN rules: Must be music related - either a famous musician or the name of an instrument, or something else obviously associated with music.
MN rules: Since I found out (okay, it was two minutes ago but anyway) that there is actually a real urologist named Richard Chopp, I want to have a naming rule after him. The MN should somehow be related to Richard Chopp's name, because what is more ridiculous than Dick Chopp performing vasectomies?

I hope I didn't forget to give anyone additions, just let me know if I did, okay? :)

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Username: A
H: Alaric Kellan Bray
W: Alexanderia Ariadne Schütz Bray

-D1: Astoria Jade Bray Shyamalan "Story"
--ex-fiancée: Frédéric Kellan Skarsgård
---S1: Alexander Henric Skarsgård "Xander"
---S2: Blaine Francis Skarsgård
--H: Xenon Night Shyamalan "Xen"
---S3: Chandler Cedric Shyamalan

-D2: Anastasiya Lyon Bray Russo "Stasi"
--H: Stellan Taylor Axel Russo
---S1: Jett Orion Russo
---S2: Oleander Illiam Russo "Lee"
---D1: Dahlia Alexandrine Russo

-S1: Ace Stark Bray
--W: Táhirih Autherine Fraser Bray
---S1: Colin Evander Bray
---D1: Ileana Autumn Bray
---S2: Vincent Theirn Bray "Vince"

-S2: Tane Hendrix Bray (Zion and Ryo's triplet)
--W: Melina Nicoletta Vecchi Bray
---S1: Kyd Miller Bray
---D1: Sunny Lake Bray

-S3: Zion Marley Bray (Tane and Ryo's triplet)
--W: Kateri Prathia Messersmith Bray "Kat"
---D1: Demetria Alyssa Bray "Demi"
---D2: Gemma Alexandria Bray

-S4: Ryo Jagger Bray (Tane and Zion's triplet)
--W: Roxelana Lucy Bishop Bray "Roxie"
---S1: Ramsey Cato Bray

-S5: Ikaika Maverick Bray "Kai"
--W: Kate Malia Rowsell Bray


Username: Bex
DH: Finnegan Luka O'Hara (28)
DW: Alexandria Aurelia O'Hara (25)

-D1: Henrietta Scarlet "Etta"
--ex-fiancée: Wilhelmina Adele Hathaway
---D1: Aurelia Elin
---D2: Briony Rowan
--SO: Zaccheus Bela Karloff
---S1: Caius Reuben

-S1: Seamus Conall
--SO: Seraphine Tallulah Amelie Rogers
---S1: Scout Ossian
---S2: Bartholomew Ulliam "Barty"
---D1: Hilda Niamh

-D2: Beatrice Lilja
--SO: Edward Winson Bishop
---D1: Marisol Arabella
---D2: Amelie Lucienne

-S2: Adlai Wolfram (Jago's twin)
--SO: Eseld Merryn Teague
---S1: Ocean Midnight
---D1: Bijou Magnolia

-S3: Jago Lycus (Adlai's twin)
--SO: Elizabeth "Betty" Septima Tedder
---D1: Liaden Isolde
---D2: Esther Ailis
---D3: Peony Harriet
---S1: Emmett Frederick

-D3: Rosalind Adelaide
--SO: Kip Kalani Everhard


Username: CarolinW
LN: Summerson
DH: Kellan Ibrahim
DW: Alessia Anastasia

-D1: Cecilia Emerald
--ex-DH: Belial Hoyt Hathaway
---S1: Kellan Severin
---D1: Lucinda Kelsey
---SO: Zohar John Bankhead
---D2: Marion Virginia

-D2: Sakura Mariposa
--DH: Stellan Tyler Amadeus Richards
---S1: Scout Oliver
---D1: Theodosia Alexandrine

-D3: Charlotte Lilja
--DH: Napoleon Clyde Merriweather
---D1: Socorra Aurora
---D2: Magdalena Kelsey
---S1: Valentine Thomas

-D4: Soraya Eusphrosyne (Anahera and Naveed's triplet)
--DH: Prasad Anupam Mehra
---S1: Egypt Sparrow
---D1: Lovely Rain

-D5: Anahera Eurydice (Soraya and Naveed's triplet)
--DH: William Stetson Fraser
---S1: Aonghus Octavio
---S2: Alexander Wiremu
---D1: Teresa Cerys

-S1: Naveed Erebus (Soraya and Anahera's triplet)
--DG: Josepha Septima Nutini
---D1: Caoimhe Thessaly
---S1: Declan Orlando

-S2: Zuberi Maverick
--SO: Chrissy Haukea Everhard


Username: Cat/Dog Mad
LN: Holmwood
DBF: Tristan John
DGF: Alessandra Agostina Cavalli

-D1: Natalia Rose
--ex-fiancée: Ilario Stefan Facinelli
---D1: Trista Ven
---S1: Uriah Leslie
--SO: Zander John DiCaprio
---D2: Veronica Astrid

-S1: Luka Bear
--DW: Simone Talia Annabelle Ryder
---S1: Lance Romeo
---D1: Xanthe Aliana
---S2: Evan Godfrey
---D2: Isabeau Tilly

-D2: Delia Juli
--DH: Martin Kennedy Sharpe
---D1: Marisol Isabella
---D2: Aster Louise

-S2: Ismael Adir (Pascoe's twin)
--DW: Taisiya Esfir Kozlov
---D1: Sunday Rose
---S1: Loyal Bear

S3: Pascoe Jian (Ismael's twin)
--Dbf: Albert Clyde Winter
---D1: Shevon Octavia Persephone
---S1: Sebastian Liam Ulick
---S2: Sawyer Nickolas Collin

-D3: Kalliope Mace
--Dbf: Vinnie Kale Woolfson


Username: chrissalynn
Dbf: Everett Justin "Rett" Poe
Dgf: Oleska Octavia "Lesa" Skytte

-D1: Luciana Ivory Jade "Lux" Hathaway-Poe
--ex-DW: Megaera Dawn Hathaway-Poe
---S1: Rhett Zlatan Hathaway-Poe
---S2: Sawyer Jamie Hathaway-Poe
--Dgf: Zeena Morgan Berra
---D1: Taryn Clarabelle Poe-Berra

-D2: Susanne Terese Lontra "Sana" [Poe] Roberts
--DH: Samson Thomas Alexander Roberts "Sonny"
---S1: Lance Gaetano Roberts
---S2: Alexander Vilhelm Roberts
---S3: Declan Salvador Roberts

-S1: Ethan Tio Svart Poe
--DW: Victoria Marvel "Ora" [Flowers] Poe
---S1: Cameron Asher Poe
---D1: Sophia Alice Poe

-S2: Jory Lucius Presley Poe (Tane's twin)
--DW: Polina Evgeniya "Polly" [Zharkova] Poe
---D1: Maddox Ocean "Maddy" Poe
---D2: Indigo Chase "Indy" Poe

-S3: Tane Uri Lennon Poe (Jory's twin)
--DW: Elizabeth Septima "Betsy" [Sharpe] Poe
---D1: Maisie Diana Poe
---S1: Viktor Godric Poe

-S4: Kelly Chariton Milenko Poe
--DW: Cassie Kalani [Longbottom] Poe


Username: CN
LN: Summerson
SO1: Isidore Bruce "Izzy"
SO2: Sandrine Soleil [nee Fairfax]

-D1: Matilda Ivory "Tillie" Summerson
--ex-fiancée: Ivor Benedict Bellefleur
---D1: Dora Viske
---S1: Esaias Darcy
--SO: Zaccheus Thurl Redgrave
---D2: Fabian Linus

-S1: Wanderlei Cobra "Lei" Summerson
--SO: Sophia Teresa Alice Riber
---S1: Archer Calisto "Archie"
---S2: Aloysius Wilkin "Aly"
---D1: Camellia Justine "Cammie"

-D2: Florentina Himmel "Flora" Lambert [nee Summerson]
--SO: Napoleon Clyde Lambert "Leo"
---D1: May Victoria
---D2: Esther Alastriona
---D3: Iris Marie-Anne
---D4: June Esmeralda

-D3: Kerensa Futura "Ensie" Summerson (Addie's twin)
--SO: Pierrick "Rick" Roudaut
---S1: Sage Midnight
---S2: Strong Lionheart

-S2: Adlai Les Paul "Addie" Summerson (Ensie's twin)
--SO: Katarina Marvel Murs
---D1: Jamesina Io "Jamesie"
---S1: Louisiana Golden "Louie"

-S3: Valentin Morgan Summerson
--SO: Annie Kalea Forth


Username: Diamante04
DW: Helena Carrie 'Laine' (di Rosa)
DH: Jacob Joseph O'Hara

-D1: Natalia Rose
--ex-fiancée: Gabriel Roman Facinelli
---S1: Joseph Elias
---D1: Katherine Dana 'Kate'
--DH: Xander John Estevez
---D2: Liliana Madalyn

-D2: Ángela Ariella (You visited Lima, Peru)
--DH: Spencer Travis Aidan Riggs
---S1: Jet Lorenzo
---D1: Zoe Alexandra
---S2: Evan Joseph
---S3: Grant Nicholas

-D3: Gabriela Lila
--DH: John Stetson Lambert
---D1: Mariska Eleonora
---D2: Sydney Scarlet

-S1: Matiu Christopher 'Matt' (Nayeli's twin)
--DW: Sofía Cristina (Altamira)
---S1: Michael James
---D1: Lacy Brooklyn

-D4: Nayeli Mariska (Matt's twin)
--DH: Benjamin Cleveland Winter "Ben"
---D1: Kelly Cassandra
---S1: Alexander William 'Xander'
---D2: Sonya Maisie
---S2: Jude Landon

-S2: Conrad Brayden
--DW: Carrie Malia (Woolfson)


Username: Dracotorix
SO1: Tristan Peter Holmwood
SO2: Alexandria Anne Cavalli

-D1: Isadora Crimson
--ex-fiancée: Salvador Godric Mazur
---D1: Anneka Svedala
---S1: Branaric Rowan
--SO: Zephyros Night Ravenscroft
---S2: Calder Byron

-S1: Gautam Hawk
--SO: Saskia Tamsin Alders-Rowan
---S1: Lance Octavian
---D1: Persephone Alira
---D2: Hyacinth Éléonore

-S2: Haidar Stark
--SO: Charles Esau Merriweather
---D1: Maria Seraphine
---D2: Avalon Eurydice
---D3: Jane Cerys
---S1: Victor Thaddeus

-S3: Kenji Apollo (Kaede's twin, adopted from Portland, Oregon)
--SO: Nicola Raphaela Hartmann
---S1: Egypt Ocean
---D1: Silver Lioness

-D2: Kaede Artemis (Kenji's twin, adopted from Portland, Oregon)
--SO: William Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Rhiannon Pandora
---S1: Alabaster Gwillym
---D2: Emerald Alyria

-D3: Valora Morgane
--SO: Liam Ikaika Woolfson


Username: Eilis
DH: Rhys Gordon Poe
DW: Sandrine Susannah "Sandy" (Bauer) Poe

-D1: Matilda Cerise "Tillie"
--ex-fiancée: Florian Benedict "Flori" Lafayette
---S1: Rhys Nils "Nils"
---S2: Solomon Maria "Sol"
--SO: Xavier David Garbo
---D1: Theodora Leonore "Theda"

-D2: Antonia Tern "Tone"
--SO: Samuel Thorbjorn Albrecht "Samu" Rupertsson
---S1: Timur Oskari
---S2: Immanuel Guillaume "Manny"
---S3: Aron Reuben

-S1: Ismo Vilja
--SO: Elizabeth Septima (Bishop)
---D1: Marine Katharina
---S1: Cyprus Clement "Cy"
---S2: Valentine Antero "Val"

-S2: Hemi Emmanuel (Zola and Abra's triplet)
--SO: Aamu Inkeri Niemi
---D1: Rose Sage
---S1: Constant Valerian "Con"

-D3: Zola Elaine (Hemi and Abra's triplet)
--SO: Richard Hosea "Rich" Winter
---S1: Pol Nestor
---D1: Petra Albertine
---S2: Radogost Merit "Rado"

-D4: Abra Evelyn (Hemi and Zola's triplet)
--SO: Albert Clyde "Al" Fraser
---D1: Fidelma Philomena "Del"
---D2: Patricia Florence "Patty"
---D3: Violane Antonia "Vi"

-S3: Conrad Marik "Connie"
--SO: Miep Haukea Or


Username: Emily
SO1: Ewan Bruce Marley
SO2: Alessia Arwen Marley

-D1: Guinevere Ione Marley
--ex-fiancée: Njal Felix Skarsgård
---D1: Eugenie Alexandra Skarsgård
---D2: Freya Noel Skarsgård
--SO: Zachary Thurl Ravenscroft
---S1: George Nicolas Ravenscroft

-S1: Vinh Leonidas Marley
--SO: Sidonie Theodora Adele Rocca
---S1: Marshall Ottavio Marley
---D1: Corinna Alice Marley
---S2: Vincent Anders Marley

-S2: Johan Fredag Marley
--SO: Malcolm Hosea Bishop
---D1: Maren Juliana Bishop
---D2: Roma Theresa Bishop
---S1: Ivan Victor Bishop
---D3: Chiara Lucille Bishop

-D2: Zola Juniper Marley (Kerensa's twin)
--SO: Natalya Nikolaevna Tolstaya
---D1: Blue Egypt Tolstoy
---D2: Rose Honor Tolstoy

-D3: Kerensa Primrose Marley (Zola's twin)
--SO: Theodore Stetson Flowers
---D1: Honora Juno Flowers
---S1: York James Flowers
---S2: Thomas Archie Flowers

-D4: Ingrid Montag Marley
--SO: Jack Makaio Berry


Username: Eris
Dbf: Tristan John Westwick
Dgf: Alexina Amabel Bray

-D1: Aurelia Violet Westwick
--ex-fiancée: Sebastián Felix Hathaway
---S1: Alexander Elias Hathaway
---D1: Bryony Meredith Hathaway
--DH: Zachary Edward Ravenscroft
---D2: Cordelia Astrid Ravenscroft

-D2: Katja Raven Westwick
--DH: Sean Tristan Adair Redmond
---S1: Garrison Cosmo Redmond
---S2: Demetrius William Redmond
---D1: Dahlia Alexandrine Redmond
---S3: Abram Reese Redmond "Bram"

-D3: Kyra Lilja Westwick
--Dbf: Darwin Kennard Sharpe
---D1: Maren Victoria Sharpe

-S1: Jago Linus Westwick (Maiara and Jory's triplet)
--Dgf: Adora Leocadia Villaverde Rodriguez
---D1: Athanasia Robin Westwick Villaverde
---S1: Gray Canyon Westwick Villaverde

-D4: Maiara Leto Westwick (Jago and Jory's triplet)
--DW: Amelia Marvel Merriweather
---D1: Ríona Ariadne Westwick
---D2: Chara Alina Westwick

-S2: Jory Leander Westwick (Jago and Maiara's triplet)
--DW: Marie Septima Winter
---D1: Aislinn Thessaly Winter
---S1: Caspian Storm Winter
---S2: Odin Victor Winter
---D2: Sinead Jessamine Winter

-S3: Conall Morgan Westwick
--DW: Tess Leilani Everhard


Username: estel
DH: Ewan Michael Reznik
DW: Alexa Ashlyn (Nickleby) Reznik

-D1: Josephine Ruby (Reznik) Ravenscroft "Josie"
--ex-fiancée: Ruslan Dimitri Ozera
---D1: Aleksandra Elin Ozera "Allie"
---D2: Bettina Cameron Ozera
--DH: Zachary Pierce Ravenscroft
---D3: Caroline Domenica Ravenscroft "Carrie"

-S1: Jakob Laon Reznik "Jake"
--DW: Sophia Taylor-Anne Ryan
---S1: Scout Antonio Reznik
---D1: Chloe Alessandra Reznik
---S2: Dominik Aiden Reznik "Dom"

-S2: Lukas Arken Reznik
--DW: Catherine Marvel (Lambert) "Catie"
---D1: Marisol Josephine Reznik "Sola"
---D2: Jasmine Louise Reznik "Minnie"

-S3: Tane William Reznik (Kaori and Zuri's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DW: Eira Morwen (Crewe) Reznik
---S1: Egypt Sage Reznik
---D1: Celestial Rose Reznik

-D2: Kaori Maryann Reznik (Tane and Zuri's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DH: Henry Winson Sharpe
---D1: Aileen Cassandra Sharpe
---S1: Alexander William Sharpe "Alex"

-D3: Zuri Kathryn Reznik (Tane and Kaori's triplet, adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada)
--DH: John Stetson Fraser
---D1: Rowan Lilith Fraser
---S1: York Hudson Fraser
---S2: Abram Reuben Fraser
---S3: Brynn Johanna Fraser Attention: you named your son Brynn Johanna. While this is okay with me, Brynn Johanna is a traditionally a feminine name so I wonder if you might have missed that he is a "he", so to speak. If not, then just ignore this.

-S4: Gabriel Murhpy Reznik "Gabe"
--DW: Kate Leilani (Sultana) Reznik


Username: findthesea
LN: Ström-Reznik
DH: Ewan Frank
DH: James Jeremiah "Jamie"

-D1: Susannah Marigold "Sunny" Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
--ex-DW: Ila Fiona Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
---D1: Lily Viske Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
---D2: Moira Keshet Ström-Reznik-Hathaway
--Dgf: Zenovia Honeysuckle Van Damme
---S1: Neil Weston Ström-Reznik-Van Damme

-S1: Linus Coyote
--DW: Sylvaine Therese Amandine (Renaud) Ström-Reznik
---S1: Flint Nico Ström-Reznik
---D1: Maria Alexandra Ström-Reznik

-S2: Noel Blåaste
--Dgf: Isadora Modjeska Prathia Flowers
---D1: Miriam Tallulah Ström-Reznik
---S1: Emiliano Wilkin Ström-Reznik
---D2: Calla Lily Alexandrine Ström-Reznik
---D3: Peridot Amelia Ström-Reznik

-D2: Zipporah Mayflower "Zippy" (Pascoe's twin)
--Dbf: Taras Ivan Zelenko
---S1: Egypt Ocean Zelenko
---D1: True Magnolia Zelenko

-S3: Pascoe Hawthorn (Zippy's twin)
--DW: Amelia Autherine (Bishop) Ström-Reznik
---D1: Fionnuala Signy Ström-Reznik
---D2: Isadora Niamh Ström-Reznik
---S1: Archer Dillon Ström-Reznik

-S4: Gerard Mittermeier
--DW: Libby Kaimana Berry


Username: Flute
DBf: Everett Nathan Poe
DGf: Sandrine Sorcha Fairfax

-D1: Josephine Claret Poe "Posy"
--ex-fiancée: Frederic Zander Bellefleur
---S1: Zander Oxie Bellefleur
---S2: Alasdair Robin Bellefleur
--SO: Zev Harry Staite
---D1: Beatrice Aldonia Staite

-D2: Malin Skylark Poe
--DGf: Solene Tansy Adria Renaud
---S1: Sailor Enzo Renaud-Poe
---S2: Zachariah William Renaud-Poe
---S3: Emil Francis Renaud-Poe

-S1: Oswin Fredag Poe
--Dgf: Joan Marvel Bishop
---D1: Maria Jasmine Poe
---S1: Albert Dominic Poe
---S2: Dexter Frederick Poe

-D3: Abra Kerrera Poe (Zipporah's twin, adopted from Miami, Florida)
--DH: Dafydd Llywelyn Price
---S1: James Maddox Price
---D1: Indigo Melody Price

-D4: Zipporah Iona Poe (Abra's twin, adopted from Miami, Florida)
--DH: Louis Clyde Winter
---D1: Sorcha Thessaly Winter
---D2: Martha Alison
---D3: Dahlia Justine Winter

-S2: Kendrick Murphy Poe
--DW: Annie Iolana Rowsell


Username: **Hiddlestoner_26**
DH: Alaric Chester Ström "Ricky"
DW: Alexandrine Amalia (Bauer) "Lexa"

-D1: Natalia Scarlett "Talia"
--ex-DH: Sten Eric Skarsgård
---D1: Alexis Freja "Alex"
---D2: Brynja Lauren "Bryn"
--DH: Zane Benedict Cumberbatch
---S1: Christoffer Einar

-S1: Corin Bjorn
--DW: Sigrid Tordis Alva (Ragnvaldsson)
---S1: Gunner Odin
---S2: Sebastian Liam
---S3: Elis Godfrey
---D1: Gemma Cecilia

-D2: Penelope Lilja "Nella"
--DH: Henry Winson Sharpe
---D1: Mariska Arabella "Mari"
---D2: Anina Cassandra "Annie"

-S2: Jory Conrad (Enoch and Zion's triplet)
--SO: Nataliya Irina (Romanova) "Natalie"
---D1: Rose Nicole
---S1: Asher London

-S3: Enoch Baldwin (Jory and Zion's triplet)
--DW: Joan Prathia (Winter) "Joni"
---D1: Fiona Signy
---S1: Raleigh James
---S2: Adam Benjamin

-S4: Zion Wyot (Jory and Enoch's triplet)
--DW: Elizabeth Lucy (Hassle)
---D1: Isla Aurelia
---D2: Sophia Allison

-S5: Beaumont Morgan "Beau"
--DW: Jenna Malia (Everhard)


Username: Jessamine
DH: Everett Stefan Cavalli
DW: Alexandra Anne {Bauer} Cavalli

-D1: Susannah Hazel Cavalli "Sanna"
--ex-fiancée: Hadar Abraham Heyerdahl
---S1: Alexander Elias Heyerdahl
---D1: Breanne Leslie Heyerdahl
--Dbf: Zachary Arnold Little
---S2: Caleb Weston Little

-D2: Sophie Linnet {Cavalli} Roderick
--DH: Sebastian Thomas Aaron Roderick
---S1: Garrison Milo Roderick
---D1: Zoe Alison Roderick
---D2: Bristol Johanna Roderick

-S1: Quentin Himmel Cavalli
--DW: Elizabeth Septima {Flowers} Cavalli "Eliza"
---D1: Maisie Anastasia Cavalli
---S1: Sage Michael Cavalli

-S2: Enoch Roan Cavalli (Javed's twin)
--DW: Shani Hadassah {Lehrer} Cavalli
---S1: Ezra Joseph Cavalli
---S2: Bear Eilat Cavalli

-S3: Javed Aron Cavalli (Enoch's twin)
--DW: Margaret Lucy {Merriweather} Cavalli "Maggie"
---D1: Moira Penelope Cavalli
---S1: Zachariah William Cavalli "Zach"
---D2: Peony Virginia Cavalli

-D3: Thalia Morgan Cavalli
--Dbf: Topher Keanu Beauchamp


Username: Julia Elisabeth
SO1 (65) Donovan Theo Holmwood "Don"
SO2 (62) Jakub Jaromír Rezník "Jake"

-D1 (40) Isadora Lavender (Holmwood, Edgington) Staite "Sadie" (Boise, Idaho)
--ex-H (50) Remus Xavier Edgington
---D1 (17) Theokleia Himle Edgington "Theo"
---S1 (15) Ulysses Morgan Edgington
--H (35) Zorion Scatman Staite "Zee"
---D2 (4) Vita Augustine Staite

-S1 (38) Evangelos Conan Holmwood "Evan" (Athens, Greece)
--W (40) Soraya Tamsin (Ackerman-Rudd) Holmwood
---S1 (8) Javelin Hugo Holmwood "Jace"
---S2 (6) Romany Montecristo Holmwood "Roe"
---S3 (5) Ezar Ambrose Holmwood
---D1 (3) Onyx Alicia Holmwood

-S2 (33) Rafael Arken Holmwood (New York)
--Bf (31) Christopher Stetson Messersmith
---D1 (9) Miriam Francesca Messersmith-Holmwood
---D2 (1)

-S3 (29) Hemi Orion Holmwood-Fausti (Nella and Ash's triplet, adopted from Indianapolis, Indiana)
--DH (30) Ettore Valerio Holmwood-Fausti
---S1 (5) Science Jamie Holmwood-Fausti "Sci"
---S2 (3) Bravely Chase Holmwood-Fausti "Bray"

-D2 (29) Nayeli Arista Holmwood "Nella" (Hemi and Ash's triplet, adopted from Indianapolis, Indiana)
--H (29) Newton Hosea Sharpe
---D1 (8) Lilias Ariadne Sharpe "Lily"
---S1 (6) Leonidas Willem Sharpe "Leo"
---D2 (5) Aira Amity Sharpe
---S2 (2) Valerian Johannes Sharpe
---D3 (nb)

S4 (29) Avishai Rigel Holmwood "Ash" (Hemi and Nella's triplet, Indianapolis, Indiana)
--W (30) Alberta Autherine Holmwood-Sorcha "Allie"
---D1 (10) Elva Aurelia Holmwood
---D2 (7) Melissa Amelie Holmwood
---D3 (6) Iris Alexandrine Holmwood
---D4 (3) Chiara Antoinette Holmwood
---S1 (1)

-S5 (26) Zain Llewellyn Holmwood
--W (26) Jenna Leilani (Aisthorpe) Holmwood
---S1 (1)


Username: Kaesy
DH: Alaric Neil Fairfax
DW: Sondra Scarlett [Bauer] Fairfax

-D1: Olympia Jade
--ex-DH: Diederik Dimitri Edgington
---S1: Richard Elias
---S2: Simon Leslie
--bf: Zechariah Wayne Woodward
---S3: Timothy Reid

-D2: Ilona Wren
--bf: Sebastian Titus Alonzo Reid
---S1: Garrison Leo
---D1: Leia Alison
---D2: Lavender Elisa

-D3: Serenity Lilja
--fiancée: Nathan Clyde Winter
---D1: Miriam Isadora
---D2: Verona Morgan
---S1: Damian Bruce
---D3: Eloise Annika

-D4: Penrose Terra (Lystra and Elowen's triplet)
--DH: Gareth Mervyn Pugh
---S1: Sparrow Sage
---S2: Noble River

-D5: Lystra Meri (Penrose and Elowen's triplet)
--bf: Marcus Winson Munther
---S1: Iain Atticus
---S2: Ezekiel Gwillym
---S3: Aron Godrey
---D1: Chiara Noreen

-D6: Elowen Alya (Penrose and Lystra's triplet)
--DH: Christopher Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Eileen Cassandra

-S1: Conall Morgan
--DW: Becca Noelani (Van Nutt)


Username: Kelsey
SO1: Elena Elizabeth Holmwood

-D1: Francesca Jade (adopted from Albaquerque, New Mexico)
--ex-fiancée: Easton Gilbert Hathaway
---D1: Elizabeth Ali "Ali" Hathaway
---D2: Felicity Taylor
--SO: Zachary John Stamos
---S1: Gracen Caleb

-S1: Kristjan Jay (adopted from Reykjavík, Iceland)
--DW: Samantha Taylor Alexandria (Rossell) Holmwood
---S1: Gunner Matteo
---S2: Alexander William
---S3: Samuel Fraser
---D1: Jade Alexandria

-S2: Thomas Stark (adopted from San Francisco, California)
--DW: Anastasia Lucy (Sorcha) Holmwood
---D1: Marisol Catherine
---S1: Sydney Hudson "Hudson"

-S3: Hiroshi Ezra (Shiro and Kenji's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DW: Adriana Francesca (Cortazzo) Holmwood
---D1: Sunday Rose
---D2: Zahara Isabelle

-S4: Shiro Emmanuel (Hiroshi and Kenji's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DW: Amelia Kennedy (Lambert) Holmwood
---D1: Caitlin Aurelia
---S1: Memphis James

-S5: Kenji Elijah (Hiroshi and Shiro's triplet, adopted from Tampa Bay, Florida)
--DH: Mark Hudson Fraser
---D1: Kiera Lilith
---D2: Catalina Amber "Caty"
---S1: Owen Victor

-D2: Clare Morgan (adopted from Kabletown, Virginia)
--SO: Nick Hoku Roswell


Username: LadyBug
DH: Donovan Emmet Nickleby
DW: Alandra Abilene (Bauer) Nickleby

-D1: Josephine Ruby (Nickleby) Westenra "Posy"
--ex-H: Somerled Alaric Westenra
---S1: Emmet Henric Westenra
---D1: Flora Jocelyn Westenra
--H: Zebulon Thurl Ravenscroft "Zeb"
---S2: Gilbert Oakley Ravenscroft

-D2: Kathleen Robin (Nickleby) Radcliff "Kate"
--H: Sawyer Travis Alden Radcliff
---S1: Garrison Angelo Radcliff
---D1: Melina Allison Radcliff
---S2: Aldo Vincent Radcliff
---S3: Corbin Trent Radcliff

-S1: Ùisdean Arken Nickleby
--W: Victoria Autherine (Fraser) Nickleby
---S1: Cianan Atticus Nickleby

-D3: Amara Tabitha (Nickleby) Plourde (Maiara's twin)
--H: Guy Alain Plourde
---D1: Sunday Rose Plourde
---D2: True Wren Plourde

-D4: Maiara Dorcas Nickleby (Amara's twin)
--H: Napoleon Hosea Sharpe "Leon"
---D1: Marisol Anastasia Sharpe
---S1: Alexander Willem Sharpe
---S2: Austen Fraser Sharpe
---D2: Jade Alecia Sharpe

-D5: Belinda Morgan (Nickleby) Berry "Lindy"
--H: Tom Keanu Berry


Username: miakendall1075
DH: Rhys Michael O'Hara
DW: Alexandrina Anastasia di Rosa O'Hara "Lexa"

-D1: Mariana Violet O'Hara "Mia"
--ex-DH: Scott Quincy Hathaway
---D1: Maja Otillia Hathaway
---D2: Natalia Sage Hathaway
--SO: Zachary Beau Staite "Zach"
---D3: Olimpia Zita Staite

-S1: Blaise Renard O'Hara
-DW: Sophia Theodora Alexandria Rousseau O'Hara "Sophie"
---S1: Lance Milo O'Hara
---S2: Jeremiah William O'Hara
---D1: Ginger Alexandrine O'Hara "Ginny"
---S3: Valentine Sean O'Hara

-S2: Vincent Arton O'Hara
--DW: Marie Septima Fraser O'Hara
---D1: May Anastasia O'Hara
---S1: Raleigh James O'Hara
---D2: Jewel Virginia O'Hara

-D2: Amara Louise O'Hara "Amy" (Adlai's twin)
--DH: Ryan Connor McNamara
---D1: Angel Rose McNamara
---S1: Gray Jackson McNamara

-S3: Adlai Levi O'Hara (Amy's twin)
--DW: Eleanor Lucy Fraser O'Hara "Nellie"
---D1: Sinead Cassandra O'Hara
---D2: Zoe Alexandra O'Hara
---S1: James Fraser O'Hara "Jamie"
---S2: Declan Brett O'Hara

-S4: Carlisle Morgan O'Hara
--DW: Abby Kai Forth O'Hara


Username: Millie
DBF: Rhys Taylor Nickleby
DGF: Alli Arianne Poe

-D1: Luciana Ebony {Nickleby} Marcury "Luce"
--ex-fiancée: Seumas Alaric Mazur
---S1: Taylor Elias Mazur
---S2: Uriah Sydney Mazur
--H: Xander Antonio Marcury
---D1: Willow Mabelle Marcury

-D2: Mirabella Delfina Nickleby "Mira"
--BF: Simon Tobias Abe Risson
---S1: Scout Raymundo Risson
---S2: Evan Sunday Risson
---D1: Mila Johanna Risson

-D3: Willa Björn Nickleby "Willa-Bear"
--BF: Winston Stetson Lambert
---S1: Fergus Evander Lambert
---D1: Chara Alexandra Lambert

-S1: Daveth Treeko Nickleby (Nyah and Pascoe's triplet)
--W: Mairead Eimhir {Armstrong} Nickleby
---D1: Ocean Sparrow Nickleby
---S1: Dangerous Fox Nickleby "Dan"

-D4: Nyah Chikorita Nickleby (Daveth and Pascoe's triplet)
--H: Barak Esau Nutini
---D1: Minnie Aurora Nutini
---D2: Daucas Alexandrine Nutini

-S2: Pascoe Turtwig Nickleby (Daveth and Nyah's triplet)
--BF: Abraham Cleveland Bishop
---S1: Rory Magnus Mars Nickleby-Bishop
---S2: Jeremiah Billy Nickleby-Bishop
---S3: Matteo Johnny Nickleby-Bishop

-S3: Conrad Maxon Nickleby
--GF: Ally Kiana Cockett


Username: Ninor
DH: Rhys Chad Nickleby
DW: Alessia Aurora (Bonelli) Nickleby

-D1: Isadora Susannah (Nickleby) Ravenscroft
--ex-DH: Remus Felix Facinelli
---S1: Alexander Osby Facinelli
---D1: Bryony Frances Facinelli
--DH: Zachariah Edward Ravenscroft "Zach"
---S2: Chance Hezekiah Ravenscroft

-D2: Estelle Aderyn Nickleby "Stella"
--Dbf: Silas Thane Azrael Time
---S1: Cannon Othello Time
---S2: Sebastian Willoughby Time
---D1: Jasmine Mathilde Time

-S1: Yadon Regn Nickleby
--DW: Everild Marvel Winter-Nickleby "Eve"
---D1: Manon Isabelle Nickleby
---S1: Caspian Blackheart Nickleby
---D2: Camille Imogen Nickleby
---S2: Milo Kade Nickleby

-S2: Javed Maverick Nickleby (Elowen and Zola's triplet)
--DW: Celia Mirella (Greco) Nickleby
---S1: Maddox Bear Nickleby
---D1: Daffy Lizard Nickleby

-D3: Elowen Viper (Nickleby) Merriweather (Javed and Zola's triplet)
--DH: Nero Esau Merriweather
---D1: Effie Pandora Merriweather
---S1: Viggo Hamish Merriweather

-D4: Zola Charlotte Nickleby (Javed and Elowen's triplet)
--Dgf: Julia Autherine Bishop
---D1: Deirdre Persephone Bishop-Nickleby
---D2: Chloe Aliana Bishop-Nickleby
---D3: Zanna Noelle Bishop-Nickleby

-D5: Calliope Montag (Nickleby) Longbottom
--DH: Jamie Kaleo Longbottom


Username: rubymay92
DH: Rhys Benjamin Westwick
DW: Sasha Scarlett [Haydn] Westwick

-D1: Araminta Lilac Westwick "Minty"
--ex-DH: Sergio Caius Facinelli
---D1: Scarlett Ottilia Facinelli "Lettie"
---S1: Theodore Robin Facinelli "Teddy"
--DW: Zara Vanessa Brosnan
---S2: Underwood Caleb Westwick-Brosnan "Woody"

-S1: Leopold Tiger Westwick "Leo"
--DW: Saskia Tilly Anna Richmond
---S1: Rocket Milo Westwick "Rocky"
---S2: Sebastian Liam Westwick "Seb"
---S3: Benjamin Austin Westwick "Benji"
---S4: Valentine Jude Westwick "Lennie"

-D2: Zinnia Juli Westwick-Murs "Nia"
--DH: Charles Cleveland Westwick-Murs "Charlie"
---D1: May Isabella Westwick-Murs
---S1: York Hudson Westwick-Murs
---D2: Olive Tatiana Westwick-Murs

-S2: Navid Lysander Westwick "Nav" (Elle's twin, adopted from Charlotte, North Carolina)
--DW: Eirian Lowri Bevan
---D1: Sunday Coco Westwick
---D2: Fuchsia Poem Westwick

-D3: Elowen Titania [Westwick] Fraser "Elle" (Nav's twin, adopted from Charlotte, North Carolina)
--DH: Isaac Stetson Fraser
---D1: Saoirse Thisbe Fraser
---D2: Xanthe Alexandria Fraser
---S1: Emil Baxter Fraser

-S3: Ferdinand Murphy Westwick "Ferdy"
--DW: Tilly Malia [Beauchamp] Westwick


Username: Serel Channah
DH: Casimir Tom English "Cas"
DW: Alessandra Avalon [Feigenbaum] English

-D1: Olympia Jade [English] Hathaway "Pia"
--ex-DH: Stellan Carlisle Hathaway
---S1: Alexander Nils Hathaway "Alex"
---D1: Beatrice Dana [Hathaway] Woodward
--DH: Zephyr David Woodward
---D2: Cordelia Astrid Woodward "Delia"

-D2: Megumi Koala English
--DW: Sophia Timothea Amelie Rutherford
---S1: Lance Orlando Rutherford-English
---D1: Gaiana Allison Rutherford-English "Gaia"
---D2: Dahlia Justine Rutherford-English
---S2: Declan Salvador Rutherford-English

-S1: Asa Bjorn English
--DW: Georgia Septima [Murs] English
---D1: Maisie Sarah English
---S1: Julian Ashley English

-D3: Elowen Zipporah [English] Hayashi (Zion's twin)
--DH: Jirou Daiki Hayashi
---D1: Lily Ocean Hayashi
---D2: Sunny Wren Hayashi

-S2: Zion Ismael English (Elowen's twin)
--DW: Emily Lucy [Flowers] English
---D1: Noreen Calliope English
---S1: Leonardo Wilmot English "Leo"
---S2: Vincent Iago English

-D4: Zola Marley English
--DH: Charlie Ikaia Element


Username: Sigrid
DH: Rhys Cato O'Hara
DW: Jacqueline Joella (Cavalli) O'Hara

-D1: Guinevere Hazel (O'Hara) Brimley
--ex-fiancée: Wyn Alaric Hathaway
---D1: Joëlle Ottilia Hathaway
---D2: Kielo Rowan Hathaway
--DH: Xavier Leonardo Brimley
---S1: Lewis Quinton Brimley

-S1: Ludvig Faolán (O'Hara) Rousseau
--DH: Simeon Tate Adam Rousseau
---S1: Flint Orlando Rousseau
---D1: Euphemia Alice Rousseau

-D2: Bedelia Lilja (O'Hara) Messersmith
--DH: Winston Kennard Messersmith
---S1: Conor Marius Messersmith
---S2: Ezra Godfrey Messersmith
---S3: Atticus Frederick Messersmith

-D3: Elowen Delia O'Hara (Lystra and Mae's triplet)
--DH: Þór Baldur Hinriksson
---D1: Lily Ocean Þórsdóttir O'Hara
---D2: Nine Vienna Þórsdóttir O'Hara

-D4: Lystra Elida (O'Hara) Tedder (Elowen and Mae's triplet)
--DH: Martin Hosea Tedder
---D1: Miriam Esmeralda Tedder

-D5: Mabyn Adeli (O'Hara) Nutini "Mae" (Elowen and Lystra's triplet)
--DH: Albert Esau Nutini
---S1: Alexander Vilmos Nutini
---S2: Natalius Sheldon "Tully" Nutini
---D1: Isabeau Lucienne Nutini

-D6: Calliope Estelle (O'Hara) Lyskava
--DH: Alec Makaio Lyskava


Username: six1seven
DH: Kellan Marcus Reznik
DW: Alexis Annabel [O'Hara] Reznik

-D1: Matilda Rose "Mattie" [Ozera] Bridges
--ex-DH: Sebastian Carlisle Ozera
---S1: Alec Elias Ozera
---D1: Brynn Kelly Ozera
--Dbf: Zayne Thornton Bridges
---S2: Cade Weston Bridges

-D2: Daniela Wren [Reznik] Ryswell
--DH: Stephen Tate Allen Ryswell
---S1: Garrison Theo Ryswell
---D1: Holland Blue Ryswell
---D2: Calla Justine Ryswell
---S2: Beckett Colby Ryswell

-S1: Corbin Stark Reznik
--DW: Amelia Lucy "Mia" [Tedder] Reznik
---D1: Maisie Evangeline Reznik
---D2: Chloe Alaina Reznik
---D3: Harper Johanna Reznik

-S2: Keyne Bennet Reznik (Nyah's twin)
--DW: Kaja Ingrid [Stendahl] Reznik
---D1: Sparrow Sage Reznik
---S1: Dutch Atlas Reznik

-D3: Nyah Darcy Reznik (Keyne's twin)
--Dbf: Martin Stetson Bishop
---D1: Caitlin Penelope Bishop
---S1: Zachariah William "Zac" Bishop
---S2: Abel Joseph Bishop
---D2: Nora Madalyn Bishop

-S3: Conall Maxton Reznik
--Dgf: Gracie Kalea Kenny


Username: Sugar
Dgf: Keziah Joplin Fairfax "Kizzy"
Dbf: Cobus Christopher Bauer

-D1: Saskia Azure Bauer Fairfax "Sky"
--ex-fiancée: Sigmund Felix Skarsgård "Sigge"
---S1: Kris Severin Skarsgård Fairfax
---D1: Lucia Sasha Skarsgård Fairfax
--DH: Zander Neeson Little
---D2: Marlene Janis Fairfax Little

-D2: Zinaida Ariel Bauer Fairfax Roscoe "Ziddy"
--DH: Samuel Trevor Alistair Roscoe II "Ross"
---S1: Marshall Milo Roscoe
---D1: Anastasia Alice Roscoe "Stazy"
---S2: Killian Kyle Roscoe
---D2: Sidonia Senna Roscoe "Sida"

-S1: Elric Arton Bauer Fairfax
--DW: Joan Autherine [Murs] Fairfax
---D1: Miriam Alienor Fairfax
---S1: Declan Alejandro Fairfax

-S2: Anaru Albin Bauer Fairfax (Kitto and Mael's triplet)
--DW: Krysia Magdalena Jelen-Fairfax
---D1: Blue Alicia Fairfax
---S1: Grand Canyon Fairfax

-S3: Kitto Augustin Bauer Fairfax (Anaru and Mael's triplet)
--DH: Michelangelo Clyde Messersmith "Micky"
---D1: Líle Cassandra Faifax Messersmith
---D2: Sonora Theresa Fairfax Messersmith

-S4: Ismael Adino Bauer Fairfax "Mael" (Anaru and Kitto's triplet)
--Dgf: Sojourner Poinsette Flowers
---S1: Conall Valerian Flowers
---S2: Horatio Will Flowers
---S3: Aron Vincent

-D3: Ronit Alaska Bauer Fairfax Rowsell
--DH: Nate Keoni Rowsell


Username: SugarPlumFairy
SO1: Helena Primavère Holmwood
SO2: Giacomo Giuseppe Bonelli ("Jack")

-D1: Luciana Scarlet Bonelli ("Lux")
--ex-fiancée: Frédéric Xavier Bellefleur ("Fred")
---D1: Luciana Elin Bellefleur ("Lucie")
---D2: Madeleine Claude Bellefleur
--SO: Zachary Woodward Ravenscroft
---D3: Noëlle Domenica Ravenscroft

-S1: Arturo Wolf Bonelli
--DW: Selena Theresa Anne Robinson
---S1: Flint Giacomo Bonelli
---S2: Maximilian Guiglelmo Bonelli

-S2: Fiorenzo Stark Bonelli ("Enzo")
--DW: Cleopatra Autherine "Cleo" Sharpe
---D1: Miriam Isabella Bonelli
---S1: Caspian Clement Bonelli
---D2: Freesia Éléonore Bonelli
---S2: Vivian Thomas Bonelli ("Viv")

-D2: Kerensa Bohème Bonelli (Pascoe's twin)
--DH: Mattia Franceso Casiraghi
---D1: Apple Rose Casiraghi
---S1: Brave River Casiraghi

-S3: Pascoe Edgar Bonelli (Kerensa's twin)
--DW: Catherine Marvel Tedder
---S1: Lachlan Magnus Tedder-Bonelli
---D1: Penelope Alice Tedder-Bonelli
---S2: Ivor Austin Tedder-Bonelli
---D2: Coralie Giorgia Tedder-Bonelli

-D3: Valentina Morgan Bonelli
--SO: Liam Kaleo Aisthorpe


Username: ursa
DW: Magnolia Catherine (Nickleby) Fairfax
DH: Jakov James Fairfax

-D1: Persephone Gwen Fairfax
--ex-fiancée: François Benedict Lafayette
---S1: Benedetto Valdemar Lafayette
---D1: Coraline Joyce Lafayette
--Dgf: Zara Tallulah Woodward
---S2: Dashiell Finley Fairfax

-D2: Valentina Phoebe (Fairfax) Rutherford
--DH: Scott Thaddeus Adam Rutherford
---S1: Jet Rocco Rutherford
---D1: Eleni Alexandrine Rutherford

-S1: Gideon Tio Fairfax
--DW: Elizabeth Unita (Flowers) Fairfax
---D1: Miriam Seraphina Fairfax
---D2: Marigold Virginia Fairfax
---D3: Ruby Nadia Fairfax

-D3: Elowen Mirabelle Fairfax (Amara's twin)
--DH: Robert Augustus Evers
---S1: Maddox Sage Evers
---D1: Sunny Sparrow Evers

-D4: Amara Madeleine (Fairfax) Merriweather (Elowen's twin)
--DH: Leonardo Winson Merriweather
---D1: Siobhan Gaia Merriweather
---S1: Amadeus William Merriweather
---S2: Abel Kenneth Merriweather
---S3: Valerian Sean Merriweather

-D5: Rosalind Morgan Fairfax
--SO: Archie Anakoni Longbottom


Username: ValerieK
DH: Melchior Douglas Holmwood
DW: Sandra Scout {Bauer} Holmwood

-D1: Penelopy Violet Holmwood "Pippa"
--ex-fiancée: Gregorios Stefan Mazur
---D1: Stefana Halland Mazur
---S1: Tennyson Jodi Mazur
--GF: Zoey Vanessa Heston
---S2: Ulrich Vicente Holmwood-Heston

-S1: Efrain Fox Holmwood
--DW: Sage Teagan Ainsley {Roberts} Holmwood
---S1: March Theo Holmwood
---S2: Huckleberry Will Holmwood

-S2: Hugh Stark Holmwood
--DW: Georgia Marvel {Tedder} Holmwood
---D1: May Aurora Holmwood
---S1: Sydney Ibis Holmwood
---D2: Jasmine Maria Holmwood
---D3: Bristol Desiree Holmwood

-D2: Elowen Christie Homwood (Jago's twin)
--DH: Arnau Sergi Castell
---D1: Sunday Rose Castell
---S1: Keen Thorn Castell

-S3: Jago Hawthorne Holmwood (Elowen's twin)
--DW: Harriet Septima {Hassle} Holmwood
---D1: Greer Persephone Holmwood
---D2: Demi Alexandra Holmwood
---S1: Ewan Mikel Holmwood
---D3: Jade Mia Holmwood

-D3: Bella Morgan Holmwood
--DH: Tom Peni Woolfson


UN: Viatrix
H: Finnegan Cedric O'Hara
W: Alexa Anneliese O'Hara {nee di Rosa}

-D1: Beatrix Hazel Ravenscroft {nee O'Hara, formerly Hathaway}
--ex-W: Susanna Adele Hathaway
---S1: Cedric Clemens Hathaway
---D1: Delfina Vivian Hathaway
--W: Zuleika Honeysuckle Ravenscroft
---D2: Emmeline Sofia Ravenscroft

-D2: Zora Penelope Radley {nee O'Hara}
--H: Samuel Theodore Alaric Radley
---S1: Lance Hugo Radley
---S2: Jeremiah William Radley
---D1: Dahlia Harriet Radley
---S3: Vincent Simon Radley

-D3: Ivy Lila Merriweather {nee O'Hara}
--H: Winston Clyde Merriweather
---S1: Rory Atlas Merriweather
---D1: Xanthe Albertina Merriweather
---D2: Fionnuala Lillian Merriweather

-D4: Elowen Electra van Dalen {nee O'Hara} (Adlai and Kerensa's triplet)
--H: Ferdinand Jacob van Dalen
---S1: James Midnight van Dalen
---D1: Violet Willow van Dalen

-S1: Adlai Daniel O'Hara (Elowen and Kerensa's triplet)
--W: Eleanor Septima Sorcha-O'Hara
---D1: Marian Valentina Sorcha-O'Hara
---D2: Josephine Cerys Sorcha-O'Hara

-D5: Kerensa Juliet O'Hara (Elowen and Adlai's triplet)
--H: Sigmund Hosea Fraser
---S1: Malcolm Virgil Fraser
---D1: Catalina Scarlet Fraser
---S2: Evan Moses Fraser
---S3: Declan Orlando Fraser

-D6: Grace Theresa Woolfson {nee O'Hara}
--H: Theo Kekoa Woolfson


Username: Wandering Moon
DW: Briseis Florence Skytte
DH: Diego Daniel [di Rosa] Skytte

-D1: Henrietta Violet 'Etta'
--ex-Dfiancée: Gerhardt Stefan Hathaway
---D1: Florence Ebba
---D2: Georgia Aubrey
--DW: Zelda Jewel Staite
---D3: Heather Claire

-S1: Benigno Fox 'Benny'
--DH: Simeon Theodore Alistair Roth
---S1: Flint Draco
---D1: Eirene Alice
---S2: Joss Oakley

-D2: Josephine Blixten [Skytte] Lambert 'Jo'
--DH: Napoleon Clyde Lamber 'Leon'
---D1: Miriam Eleanor
---S1: Valentine Petras

-S2: Obi Sean (Zion's twin, adopted from Long Beach, California)
--DW: Nasrin Shahnaz Rostami
---D1: Sparrow Rose
---D2: Belle Nanaimo

-S3: Zion Jackson (Obi's twin, adopted from Long Beach, California)
--Dgf: Grace Marvel Bishop
---D1: Saoirse Persephone
---S1: Zachariah Uilliam
---S2: Alan Emmanuel
---S3: Remington Frederick

-S4: Hannibal Mace Skytte 'Han'
--DW: Lulu Kaimana [Berry] Skytte


Username: Weirwood
DW: Rhea Dylan (Rezník) Holmwood
DH: Jakob Julian Holmwood

-D1: Astoria Grey (Holmwood) Redgrave "Story"
--ex-DH: Iacopo Stefan Facinelli
---S1: Jacoby Halland Facinelli "Coby"
---D1: Kira August Facinelli
--DH: Zachary O'Neal Redgrave
---S2: Lukas Hayes Redgrave

-D2: Teija Lark (Holmwood) Ryerson
--DH: Shepherd Thomas Alden Ryerson
---S1: Bowie Aldo Ryerson
---S2: Holland James Ryerson
---S3: Otis Ambrose Ryerson
---D1: Niamh Meera Ryerson

-D3: Kendra Rea (Holmwood) Messersmith
--DH: Tennyson Monteith Messersmith
---S1: Teague Atticus Messersmith
---D1: Julian Mariel Messersmith

-D4: Penrose Alula (Holmwood) Solarz (Keyne and Elowen's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DH: Reuben Ori Stolarz
---D1: Miller Rose Stolarz
---D2: Bright Sonnet Stolarz

-S1: Keyne Twain Holmwood (Penrose and Elowen's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DW: Indira Marvel (Sorcha) Holmwood
---D1: Mariska Oriana Holmwood
---S1: Tiberius William Holmwood
---S2: Viggo Toma Holmwood

-D5: Elowen Talitha (Holmwood) Sharpe (Penrose and Keyne's triplet, adopted from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)
--DH: Winston Kennard Sharpe "Win"
---S1: Allan Tarquin Sharpe
---D1: Chloe Althea Sharpe
---S2: Gale Fletcher Sharpe

-S2: Griffith Marley Holmwood
--DW: Kit Malia (Woolfson) Holmwood


Username: Wordsmith
DW: Zinnia Joanna Westwick
DW: Alessa Alfonsina Cavalli

-D1: Dorothea Lavender
--ex-fiancée: Gustav Alaric Westenra
---D1: Dorothy Ottilia
---D2: Eugenia Callisto
--SO: Zebedee Arnold Redgrave
---S1: Frederick Waldemar

-S1: Sigmund Wolfram
--DW: Sybille Theodosia Agnes Rummel
---S1: Lancelot Bruno "Lance"
---S2: Horatio Willem
---D1: Marigold Mathilde
---S3: Valentine Pietro

-S2: Lazarus Björn
--DBf: Albert Hosea Sharpe
---D1: Marietta Cecilia
---S1: Sydney Clement
---S2: Augustus Eldred

-D2: Kerensa Irene (Zipporah's twin, adopted from Tallahassee, Florida)
--DH: Ercole Egidio Albanesi
---D1: Sunday Bluebell
---D2: Blithe Peridot

-D3: Zipporah Salome (Kerensa's twin, adopted from Tallahassee, Florida)
--DBf: Frederic Esau Flowers
---D1: Griselda Clio
---D2: Eurydice Althey
---D3: Lucretia Harriet
---D4: Sidonia Fabienne

-S3: Placido Marek
--DW: Lillie Iolana Woolfson


Username: X Mar
DH: Kellan Bill Westwick
DW: Sandrine Seraphine Cavalli

-D1: Persephone Sapphire Westwick
--ex-DH: Remus Caius Mazur
---S1: Sander Horace Mazur
---S2: Tibor Agrippa Mazur
---SO: Zeus Victor Khan
---D1: Ulyssa Luna Khan

-D2: Solange Nymph Westwick
--BF: Stellan Thor Andreas Rosengard
---S1: Gunner Bo Rosengard
---S2: Eleazar Bill Rosengard
---S3: Reidar Blake Rosengard
---D1: Amber Leia Rosengard

-D3: Morgaine Elva Westwick
--BF: Darius Clyde Sharpe
---D1: Socorra Nerissa Sharpe

-S1: Zion Genghis Westwick (Kenji and Jago's triplet)
--SO: Rémy Laurent LeGrand
---S1: Ozzy Moses LeGrand
---S2: Able Titan LeGrand

-S2: Kenji Xerxes Westwick (Zion and Jago's triplet)
--DW: Godiva Hosea Westwick-Winter
---D1: Madonna Damaris Westwick
---D2: Zenobia Aldona Westwick
---S1: Marino Rio Westwick

-S3: Jago Sargon Westwick (Zion and Kenji's triplet)
--GF: Pelagia Marvel Munther
---S1: Mace Apollo Westwick
---D1: Selena Allovera Westwick
---D2: Dahlia Mathilde
---S2: Nico Salvador Westwick

-S4: Nero Marek Westwick
--SO: Sadie Malia Cumming


Username: Zombieoftheweek
W: Ruby Simone Cavalli
W: Alessa Aimee Rezník

-D1: Cecilia Violet Reznik-Cavalli
--ex-fiancée: Cvijeta Wilhelmina Westenra
---D1: Amée Freja Westenra
---D2: Bethany Blythe Westenra
--GF: Xiomara Tallulah Ravenscroft
---S1: Caleb Ansel Rezník-Ravenscroft

-S1: Søren Phoenix Rezník-Cavalli
--W: Sophia Thalia Amelie Roth
---S1: Gunnar Leo Rezník-Roth
---S2: Nehemiah Willem Rezník-Roth
---S3: Howard Reuben Rezník-Roth

-S2: Nehemiah Vilja Rezník-Cavalli
--Gf: Florence Marvel Messersmith
---D1: Marisol Juliana Rezník-Cavalli
---S1: Sydney Clement Rezník-Cavalli
---D2: Heather Virginia Rezník-Cavalli
---S2: Asher Isaias Rezník-Cavalli

-D2: Zola Willow Rezník-Cavalli (Adlai and Nyah's triplet)
--H: Ilya Serafim Matveev
---S1: Sage Maddox Matveev
---D1: Bright Snow Matveev

-S3: Adlai Hawthorne Rezník-Cavalli (Zola and Nyah's triplet)
--W: Boudica Septima Bishop
---D1: Sorcha Lilith Rezník-Cavalli
---D2: Opal Anastacia Rezník-Cavalli

-D3: Nyah Juniper Rezník-Cavalli (Zola and Adlai's triplet)
--SO: Julius Clyde Nutini
---S1: Kilian Magnus Nutini
---D1: Petra Alicia Nutini
---D2: Konrada Briar Nutini
---S2: Valentine Simon Nutini

-D4: Rosalind Iolanthe Rezník-Cavalli
--BF: Harry Iokua Rowsell

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