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Subject: CAF Competition GHIJ
Author: Loki   (Authenticated as SamJr7)
Date: February 18, 2013 at 4:55:55 PM
Feel free to give anyone a nickname or change a nickname into a different name as long as you put both names. Also, anyone can join at any time and can miss any game. It doesn't matter. Each one is held separately. The alphabet is just to distinguish between games and to add a little fun and change things up.

LN: Ingelbert, Goretti, Hendrix, Ibbott, Gerhard, Jenkins, Harris
MN: Gentry, Hannigan, Jennison, Holmes, Gibson, Hackett, Glover

DH: FN: Giovanni, Hugo, Gabriel, Ian, Grady MN: Gavin, Ishmael, Judah, Gunner, Harold
DW: FN: Isabeau, June, Helena, Golda, Irina MN: Hope, Imogen, Hallie, Glenna, Jinx

DD: FN: Greta, Isla, Hermione, Jezebel, Isaura MN: Grace, Itzel, Geraldine, Hartley, Glynis
DS: FN: Grayson, Judson, Hudson, Jameson, Harrison MN: Hadley, Graeme, Gramercy, Jules, Gautier
DS: FN: Hunter, Isaac, Gerald, Gerard, Jude MN: Giles, Joshua, Gallagher, Grove, Isaiah
DD/DD/DD: FN: Harley, Harper, Hayden, Harlow, Hollis MN: Ginevra, Juno, Ivy, Honor, Junia / FN: Gabrielle, James, Julianna, Gemma, Jovie MN: Hazel, Ireland, Gracia, Juniper, Harlem / FN: Gia, Jocelyn, Gwendolyn, Jane, Gwyneth MN: Harmony, Iris, Genevieve, Julietta, Isis
DS: FN: Jeremiah, Henry, Grady, Jedidiah, Hendrix MN: Gideon, Jonas, Gardner, Josiah Gaetan
DS: FN: Gregory, Holden, Harmon, Godfrey, Iggy MN: Joaquin, Israel, Haven, Gray, Hugh
DD: FN: Gianna, Isadora, Giuliana, Giulia, Jolie MN: Hadassah, Jersey, Idony, Hyacinth, Journey
DS/DS: FN: Jax, Galen, Howard, Griffin, Jericho MN: Garrett, Jace, Gwilym, Huckleberry, Ives / FN: Isidore, Jethro, Hamilton, Jasper, Granger, MN: Grant, Jensen, Gaston, Ilya, Heath
DD: FN: Ismay, Josie, Heidi, Juno, Hedwig MN: Jessa, Hortense, Indira, Gretchen, Hattie

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