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Subject: One Family NTNB Round VIII
Author: Loki   (Authenticated as SamJr7)
Date: February 19, 2013 at 6:43:40 PM
The Candle Family {Ninor}

DH: Gabriel Alfie Candle {Millie}
DW: Zelda Emilie (Muhlenhouser) Candle {molly}

DS: August Christoph Candle {Viatrix}
-DW: Elliot Svea (Lindqvist) Candle {Ninor}
--DS: Ford Harvey Candle {Jessamine}
---DW: Pascale Sara (Churchill) Candle {Weirwood}
----DS: Sabre Bradford Candle {Jessamine}
----DS: Messer Heathford Candle {Ninor}
--DD: "Prim" Primrose Etta (Candle) Hase {Ninor}
---DH: "Alex" Alexis Kieran Hase {Jessamine}
--DD: Addison Mavis Candle {Millie}
ADD: Meiling Claudia Candle [Beijing, China] {**Hiddlestoner_26**}
-DH: Lawrence Akio Takahiro {NurseMom75}
--DD: Harper Ling Nanami Takahiro-Xylander {AhaRememo}
---DH: "Zed" Zedekiah Yosef Xylander {**Hiddlestoner_26**}
----DD: Eloise Sophia Henrietta Rosaline Xylander {Jessamine}
--DS: Mason Qui Hideaki Takahiro {Jessamine}
DS: Becker Martin Candle {Ninor} {Grady's Twin}
-DW: Caoimhe Neasa (O'Niall) Candle {Millie}
--DS: Jesper Wulf Candle {Millie} {John's Twin}
---DW: Lieze Maite (DeMaere) Candle {Shay}
----DD/DS: Juliette Aria Candle {Weirwood} / Jeremiah Finn Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26}
--DS: John Karsten Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26} {Jesper's Twin}
---Dgf: Margarid Eloise Davidyan {Weirwood}
----DD: Lucienne Talin Liesl Davidyan-Candle {Shay}
----DS: Sebastian Rudolph Ari Davidyan-Candle {Millie}
--DD/DD/DD: Evelina Maeve Candle {AhaRememo} / Emma Liadan Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26**} / Elinor Bidelia Candle {AhaRememo}
DS: Grady Matthias Candle {Jessamine} {Becker's Twin}
-DW: Koralia (Stathopoulos) Candle {**Hiddlestoner_26}
--DS: Kaleo Dionysios Candle {Ninor} {Poet's Twin}
--DD: Poet Theodora Candle {NurseMom75} {Kaleo's Twin}
--DD: Gypsy Aurora Candle {LM}

"Prim" Primrose and "Alex" Alexis want their DD's FN to have a four letter nickname and her MN to start with K.

Addison's DH's FN is long and ends with -INO, his MN and LN are Spanish.

Harper and "Zed" Zedekiah want their DD to have many names like European Royalty. Her names should sound princess-ish, but they don't actually have to be a princess's name. Other then sounding like Royalty, the names are your choice and you choose just how many names.

Jesper and Lieze want their DD's and DS's FNs to be eight letters long and starts with L and their MNs to be four letters long.

John and Margarid's DS has three names, one is French, another is Armenian and the other is German. You choose the order that's best.

Kaleo's DW's FN is Hawaiian, her MN is Arabic and her LN is popular in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Poet's DH's names are up to you.

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