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Subject: Re: Namebank CAF (rare names)
Author: guest33   (guest,
Date: February 24, 2013 at 1:53:50 AM
Reply to: Namebank CAF (rare names) by maxwelledison
DH: Connell Roydon
DW: Anemone Ocean "Anna"

DD: Maris Indigo
DS: Keir Tennyson
DS/DD: Kipling Adair "Kip" / Briar Davinia
DD: Britannia Charis "Britt"
DS/DS: Joby Radcliff / Cairo Barclay "Cai"
DD: Philadelphia Lark "Della"
DD/DS: Tallulah Berry / Everard Whitaker "Ever"
DD: Maitland Saffron "Maisie"

Connell & Anna
Maris, Keir, Kip, Briar, Britt, Joby, Cai, Della, Talulah, Ever, and Maisie

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