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Subject: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB VI
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: February 24, 2013 at 5:43:35 AM
This NTNB is a super-hero themed one, so it's kind of silly and kind of anything, absurd, OTT, normal or whatever goes. Have fun! :P

Join or drop out or skip rounds whenever you like, no fuss if you miss a round or haven't played before, no sign-up needed. :)

The Roldán family

DH: Hugo Alfonso Roldán "Wing Man [retired]" [53]
DW: Giorgia Alfreda (Leggièri) Roldán "Charmmancer [retired]" [48]

DS: Ricardo "Ardo" Gianpaolo Roldán "Alias" [18] (Jessamine)
DD/DD: Serafina "Fina" Sol Roldán / Valeria "Ria" Luna Roldán [15] (overtheclouds)
ADS: Levente "Lev" Joaquin Roldán [14] [Szeged, Hungary] (ValerieK)
DS: Alberico "Albi" Yuli Roldán [13] (Weirwood)
ADD: Maribel Jing-Shui Roldán [12] [Beijing, China] (Millie)
ADS/ADD/ADD: [Bagamoyo, Tanzania] [1]

Giorgia and Hugo have adopted once again - this time, triplets, one boy and two girls. The three children come from Bagamoyo, Tanzania and are one year old. They have given them new first names - the names must be simple but interesting or elegant, and come from Italian or Spanish. They should begin with the same letter or be alphabetic (e.g, DS' name begins with E, DD's begins with F, DD's begins with G; any part of the alphabet as long as they're in order). Their middle names are their original birth names and come from the Swahili language - has some names, or you could look on other name sites if you so wish.

Their eldest son, Ardo, has also decided to become a super-hero. His super-power is speed based and his favourite colour is red. He would like his super-hero name to reflect one or, better, both of these things. His super-hero alias should be tongue-in-cheek, a bit like his father's.

The Matevosian-Ilbert family

DH: Vahan Matevosian-Ilbert "Meteor Bane [retired]" [46]
DW: Felicia "Flick" Coriander Matevosian-Ilbert "Negachance [retired]" [44]
-Ex-DBf: Stanislav "Stas" Grigorevich Polzin "MetalMind" (Bee)

DS: Ararat "Ari" Caraway Matevosian-Ilbert "Alias" [18] (ValerieK)
DS/DS/DS: Altair Garen Matevosian-Ilbert / Oberon Gevorg Matevosian-Ilbert / Perseus Grigor Matevosian-Ilbert [15] (Viatrix)
DD: Anise Varduhi Matevosian-Ilbert [13] (Millie)
Step-DD: Gennadiya "Genna" Russet Polzina [9] (ValerieK)
Step-DD: Klavdiya "Diya" Aranka Polzina [5] (Millie)

Flick and Vahan have gotten back together; more than that, shortly after Felicia retired from the super-villain career, they decided to get married. They are expecting another daughter. Her first name should be Armenian and must not begin with V, A, O, P or G. A cute nickname is optional. Her middle name should have something to do with a tree or plant which is eaten or medicinal.

Meanwhile, their eldest son, Ari, has decided to become a super-villain. Vahan is not pleased, but Flick has persuaded him to let their son make his own decisions. Father and son's relationship is strained, but improving. Ari's super-power is weather based, and he would like a 'negative' or 'nemesis' part to his alias, a bit like his mother's. He would like his alias to be quite serious, not altogether too cheesy or silly.

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