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Subject: Re: Just a generation CAF
Author: Ninor   (Authenticated as Frozten)
Date: February 24, 2013 at 2:54:45 PM
Reply to: Just a generation CAF by Viatrix

H [82] Spencer Gale Hemsworth
W [78] Chloe California (Garfield) Hemsworth

S [58] Jack Adam Hemsworth

S [54] Sheldon Kit Hemsworth
-W [50] Gwen Maya Aaron-Hemsworth
--D [29] Beatrice Mary Hemsworth
--D [28] Penelope Noelle Hemsworth
--S [25] Romeo Colin Hemsworth
--D [23] Phoebe Lily Hemsworth
--S [21] Jason Theo Hemsworth
--D [19] Aurora Cristina Hemsworth
--D [16] Stella Margaret Hemsworth

D [52] Marilyn Margaret (Hemsworth) Denning
-H [63] Henry Riley Denning
--S [26] Damien Dexter Denning
--D [25] Catherine Selma Denning "Cat"
--D [23] Molly Lynn Denning
--D [21] Alexis Wendy Denning
--S [20] Seth Kevin Denning

D [50] Emily Tara (Hemsworth) Pattinson
-H [47] Ethan Jim Pattinson
--D [23] Alexandra Darby Pattinson
--D/S [21] Hailey Toby Pattinson / William Luke Pattinson
--S [19] Simon Robin Pattinson
--S [17] Nicholas Sam Pattinson
--D [15] Isabelle Ann Pattinson
--D [12] Violet Charlie Pattinson
--D [9] Talia Mattie Pattiinson

S [48] James Bo Hemsworth
-W [42] Olivia Magdalene Lautner
--D [14] Inanna Elizabeth Hemsworth-Lautner
--S [10] Hanson Rhett Hemsworth-Lautner
--S [8] Edward Tyler Hemsworth-Lautner

S [46] Jacob Georges Hemsworth

D [43] Liza Hannah (Hemsworth) Cera
-H [44] Caspian Dunstan Cera
--S [20] Elliot Nathan Cera
--S [18] Oliver Reggie Cera
--S [15] Samuel Andrew Cera
--S [14] Frederick Howard Cera "Freddie"
--S [12] Dakota Dante Cera
--D/D [10] Amelia Sarah Cera / Katherine Megan Cera "Katie"
--S [6] Patrick Link Cera
--S [4] Dean Richard Cera
--S [3] Cameron Seth Cera
--D [2] Nora Sadie Cera
--D [nb] Stephanie Odessa Cera

D [died aged 16] Bethany Sharpay Hemsworth

D [39] Winona Tracy (Hemsworth) Breslin "Nona"
-H [45] Christopher Michael Breslin
--S [20] Zac Taylor Breslin
--D [18] Leah Camille Breslin
--S [16] Evan Paulie Breslin
--D [13] Louise Savannah Breslin
--S [11] Michael Todd Breslin
--D [9] Mackenzie Lola Breslin
--D [8] Isabel Claire Breslin
--S [6] Jonah Sherman Breslin

D [36] Dahlia Katerina Hemsworth
-H [37] Frank Matthew Timberlake
--D [11] Caroline Renee Timberlake
--S [9] Noah Leo Timberlake
--S [8] Franklin John Timberlake "Frankie"
--S [5] Isaac Adam Timberlake
--S [3] Ethan Tommy Timberlake
--S [nb] Benjamin Paul Timberlake "Benji"

S [33] Kyle Bob Hemsworth

D [33] Zoe Kailani (Hemsworth) Malco-Cuthberth
-H [49] Jacob Navin Malco-Cuthberg
--D [17] Nicole Rebecca Malco-Cuthberh

Monsters are real, and ghost are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win
- Stephen King


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Bottom: Lykke and Cleon

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