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Subject: Re: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB VI
Author: Millie   (Authenticated as ImSorryIfILoveYou96)
Date: February 25, 2013 at 9:48:06 AM
Reply to: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB VI by Alkahest
The Roldán family

DH: Hugo Alfonso Roldán "Wing Man [retired]" [53]
DW: Giorgia Alfreda (Leggièri) Roldán "Charmmancer [retired]" [48]

DS: Ricardo "Ardo" Gianpaolo Roldán "Red Lightning" [18] (Jessamine)
DD/DD: Serafina "Fina" Sol Roldán / Valeria "Ria" Luna Roldán [15] (overtheclouds)
ADS: Levente "Lev" Joaquin Roldán [14] [Szeged, Hungary] (ValerieK)
DS: Alberico "Albi" Yuli Roldán [13] (Weirwood)
ADD: Maribel Jing-Shui Roldán [12] [Beijing, China] (Millie)
ADS/ADD/ADD: Juan Mosi Roldán , Judith Sabira Roldán and Juliana Imani Roldán [Bagamoyo, Tanzania] [1]

The Matevosian-Ilbert family

DH: Vahan Matevosian-Ilbert "Meteor Bane [retired]" [46]
DW: Felicia "Flick" Coriander Matevosian-Ilbert "Negachance [retired]" [44]
-Ex-DBf: Stanislav "Stas" Grigorevich Polzin "MetalMind" (Bee)

DS: Ararat "Ari" Caraway Matevosian-Ilbert "Hell-Cloud" [18] (ValerieK)
DS/DS/DS: Altair Garen Matevosian-Ilbert / Oberon Gevorg Matevosian-Ilbert / Perseus Grigor Matevosian-Ilbert [15] (Viatrix)
DD: Anise Varduhi Matevosian-Ilbert [13] (Millie)
Step-DD: Gennadiya "Genna" Russet Polzina [9] (ValerieK)
Step-DD: Klavdiya "Diya" Aranka Polzina [5] (Millie)
DD: Margarit "Mags" Acacia Polzina

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