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Subject: Mar's Congrats Game (round 9) finally...
Author: Mar   (Authenticated as X-Mar)
Date: February 25, 2013 at 10:42:30 AM
I’m sorry it took me so long to put this up! Welcome everyone to the ninth round of Mar’s Congrats Game!

You can use the wildcard at any point in the game, you do not have to use it at all if you don’t want to.
The wildcard will stay with you until you use it.

Everyone got one SO for one of the children and a grandchild this round, unless you’ve wished otherwise. Wishes were given in addition to one SO and a grandchild and could have separate naming rules.

Naming rules this round:
- SO got either initials or a nickname. Make a full name with that.

- For the newborn boys:
FN: A common name with a slightly unusual spelling
MN: A name that honours his father

- For the newborn girls:
FN: A name of a very famous character from a book, movie or song. (so famous that you don’t really have to tell me where it’s from)
MN: A name that honours her mother

Questions for next round:
Would you like a bunch of boys next round or a bunch of girls?

*User: angyandy

LN: Sullivan
DH: Gideon Storm Sullivan
DW: Adelaide Wren Sullivan née Cochran

DD: Genevieve Hazel Westland née Sullivan (Ryleigh’s twin)
-DH: Ryan Travis Westland
-DS: Luca Christian Westland
DD: Ryleigh Faith Anderson née Sullivan (Genevieve’s twin)
-DH: Kade Logan Anderson
-DD: Madeleine Grace Anderson
DD: Adleigh Storm Sullivan
-BF: Bohdan “Bo” River Gallagher
DD: Tegan Lumi Sullivan
DS/DS: Jack Leo Sullivan / Jasper Noah Sullivan
aDS: Sebastian “Ash” Zane Sullivan (Annie’s twin)
-DW: (fn) (mn) Sullivan née Davies
aDD: Samantha “Annie” Arden Sullivan (Ash’s twin)
DS: Nash “Ned” Edison Sullivan

Green parrot: Frond

Naming rules for Ash’s wife:
FN: Related to the name John, any variant of any usage.
MN: A long and frilly name

Naming rules for Ash’s son:
FN: Since he was a very tiny child and born too early, they decide to name him something that reflects him being small or born early in the meaning.
MN: Must honour Ash’s mother or father in some way.

Your wildcard:
Tripler! You can change a new singleton in identical (so same sex) triplets. If you need new naming rules for this, ask for them in the subject line.

*User: chrissalynn

LN: Key
DH: Cameron Meander "Cam"
DW: Philippa Wren "Pippa"

aDS: Erik Radovan “Rado”
-GF: Demitria Ivannah Benson “Demi”
-DS: Jasper Milan Benson-Key
-DS: Andrej Benjamin “Andy”
DS: Alexander Jacob "AJ" (Nate’s twin)
-AJ’s SO: Tyler Jonathan Wilkinson “TJ”
DS: Nathaniel Xavier "Nate" (AJ’s twin)
-DW: “Lin” Key-Masters
DD: Mikaelan Esti “Kay”
DD: Nerissa Aphrodite “Ritz”
DD: Audrey Annabella
DD: Elowen Johanna “Elle”
DD: Callista Emmeline Greyson-Key “Liz”
-DH: S.T. Greyson

Orange cat: Cheddar

Your wildcard:
Any FN! No naming rules for the first name

*User: estel

LN: Hill
DH: Isaiah Storm
DW: Sandy Eleanor

DD: Nova Marlowe (Hill) Van Bavel (Faye’s twin)
-DH: Justin Ambrose Zachary Van Bavel
-DS: Elijah Morgan Van Bavel
-DD: Viola Alice Van Bavel
DD: Faye Genevieve (Nova’s twin)
-DH: Benjamin Bryson Wallace
DD: Freya Elizabeth
-BF: Alessio Giovanni “Les” Townsend
aDD/aDD: Sophia Lan / Nadia Yin
DD: Eira Bronwen
-BF: B.L. Harrison
DS: Ryan Jude
DD: Rose Talitha

Albino ferret: Prince Edward Albino of Candyland “Eddie”

Your wildcard: Used

*User: **Hiddlestoner_26**

LN: Hazeldine
DH: Lucius Storm
DW: Eleanor Wren

DS: Elijah James (Isaiah’s twin)
-DW: Saoirse Odile Davies
-DS: James Liam
DS: Isaiah Julian (Elijah’s twin)
-GF: “Ara” Roswell
DD: Lily Ophelia
DD: Bronwyn Claire
DD/DS: Emilie Claudette / Henry William
aDS: Connor Noriyuki “Nori”
DD/DD: Josiane Olivia / Roselle Violet
DD: Tessa Ruby

Turtle: Bayou

Your wildcard: Used

*User: Jessamine

LN: Shelby
DH: Isaiah Winter Shelby
DW: Leona Anemone {Clemons} Shelby

DD: Susannah Corinne Shelby "Susie" (Soph’s twin)
-DH: Ryan Jonathan William Rivers “RJ”
-DD: Eden Caroline Rivers
DD: Sophia Anneliese Shelby "Soph" (Susie’s twin)
-DH: Oliver Cade Carpenter “Ollie”
-DD: Tess Eline Carpenter
DD: Alexandra Caroline Shelby “Lexie”
-DH: (fn) (mn) Williams
DS: Kendrick Lewis Shelby “Kenny”
-GF: Eleanor Faye Roarke “Elle”
aDD/aDD: Florence Louisa Shelby “Floor” / Elisabeth Cecilia Shelby “Lies”
DS/DD: Jacob Samuel Shelby “Jake” / Abigail Violet Shelby “Abby”
DS: Isaiah Winter Shelby, Jr. “Sonny”

Buff Orpington Chicken: Muffin

Namebank for Lexie’s husband:
Alberic, Bertrand, Cornelis, Darren, Elias, Freddy, Gray, Hendrick, Ivan, Joash, Karl, Lloyd, Maxwell, Nicolas, Oskar, Petey, Quincy, Rick, Sullivan, Terrence, Uriel, Vance, Wallace, Xeno, Yves, Zakaria

Namebank for Susie’s daughter:
Andrea, Barbara, Camille, Diane, Edith, Freda, Gaby, Henna, Isis, Jillian, Karen, Linda, Marion, Nadine, Ora, Petra, Quirina, Ramona, Sandy, Theresa, Ulyssa, Vivian, Wilma, Xandra, Yvette, Zelda

Your wildcard:
Namebank! Instead of the naming rules you got, you can choose to get a namebank nymblered from you family's names. Please alert me in the subject line, so I can create the namebank.

*User: Julia Elisabeth

LN: Lockwood
DW: Odessa Wren (Adams) Lockwood
DH: October Finnegan Lockwood "Toby"

aDD: Lavanya Cloelia Lockwood “Anya”
-BF: Cornelius Edmund Sloan “Cor”
-DD: Neha Penelope Fiona Lockwood
-DD: Lydia Aubrey Lockwood
DS: Nathaniel Sirius Lockwood "Nathan" (Ray’s twin)
-DW: J.J. Sanderson
DS: Atreyu Orion Lockwood "Ray" (Nathan’s twin)
-GF: Yvetta Lemontree Romanov
-DS: Lorenze Diego Lockwood “Enzo”
DD: Adena Isabelle Lockwood
-DH: “Lee” Royce
aDS: Federico Ken’ichi Lockwood “Rico”
-DW: “Carrie” Forester
DD: Leocadia Sigrid Lockwood “Leo”
-DH: F.K. Willis
DS/DS: Evan Matthias Lockwood & Aric Joshua Lockwood
DD/DS: Isis Ariadne Lockwood & Maximilian Peregrine Lockwood “Max”

Iguana: Sir

Your wildcard: Used

*User: luvmonkeezz

LN: Wilde
DH: Ocean Thaddeus Wilde
DW: Wren Juliet {Lerner} Wilde

DD: Adelaide Grace {Wilde} DeRidder "Addie" (Sadie’s twin)
-DH: Jeremy River DeRidder “Rem”
-DD: Isla Abigail Paige DeRidder
DD: Sarah Esme Wilde "Sadie" (Addie’s twin)
-DW: Flannery Devin Quinn
aDS: Jozef Vincent Wilde “Zef”
-DW: “Anne” {Smith} Wilde
-aDS: “Kai” Wilde
DD: Élisabeth Calla Wilde “Elsie”
DD: Leocadia Tegan Wilde “Cadie”
DD/DS: Violet Sappira Wilde “Lettie” / Zephyr Altair Wilde
DS: Asher Donovan Wilde “Ash”
DD: Victoria Skylar Wilde “Torie”

Albino rabbit: Alexandria “Lexie”

Zef and his wife decided to adopt. Both he and Anne were adopted themselves and would like to give another child without a family a loving home. They got the opportunity to adopt “Kai”. He’s a one-year-old boy. They’d like to keep Kai as either his nickname or first name.

Your wildcard:
Any MN! No naming rules for the middle name of a new family addition.

*User: Mar

LN: Jameson
DH: Lotus Evander Jameson
DW: Juliet Wren Jameson-Stone "Jules"

DS: Jack Magnus Jameson (Seamus’ twin)
-DW: Delilah Soleil Jameson-Ellis
-DS: Prosper Storm Jameson
DS: Seamus Thor Jameson (Jack’s twin)\
-DH: Ruben James Royce “Ben”
-DS: Hunter Gage Jameson
-aDS: Dorian Victor Jameson-Royce
-aDS: R. K. Jameson-Royce
DD: Mio Bellatrix Jameson
-DD: Mia Aisling Jameson
aDD: Eve Briseis Jameson
-DH: “Lee” Carpenter
DS: Aubrey Theseus Jameson
DS: Owen Jett Jameson
DD: Sage Odalis Jameson

Black goat: Darth Goath

Ben and Seamus adopted a baby boy. They decide to change his name but keep the initials he got when he was born.

Your wildcard: Used

*User: miakendall1075

LN: Simmons
DH: Cameron Silver Simmons
DW: Wren Juliet Simmons

DD: Lucia Annabel Simmons-Fields "Lucy" (Lily’s twin)
-DH: Russell Timothy Fields “Rusty”
-DD: Grace Anne Simmons-Fields
-DS: Christian Luca Fields
DD: Liliana Rosabel Simmons "Lily" (Lucy’s twin)
-DH: “Ty” Carson
aDS: Morris Cameron Simmons “Mo”
-DW: F.E. West
DD: Lark Eden Simmons
aDS: Callum Seamus Simmons “Cal”
DD: Clare Winter Simmons
DS/DD: Alexander James Simmons “Alex” / Madeleine Julia Simmons “Maddie”
DD: Eleanor Wren Simmons “Nell”

Snowy owl: Andromeda “Romy”

Your wildcard:
Adopt a sibset! You can choose to adopt a sibset. This means you could end up adopting anywhere between 2 and 4 children. Just let me know if you’d like to and you’ll get them next round.

*User: Millie

LN: Sullivan
DH: Finnegan Silver Sullivan "Finn"
DW: Xenia Breeze {Hope} Sullivan

DS: Theodore Loki Sullivan (Isaac’s twin)
-DH: Kenny Yuki Yamamoto “Ken”
-aDD: K.M.
DS: Isaac Balthazar Sullivan (Theodore’s twin)
-DW: “Kat” Munster
-DS: Tennyson Rhodes Sullivan
aDS: Robert Oliver Sullivan “Robby”
-DW: Victoria Ivy {Nash} Sullivan
-DD: Ember Isabella Sullivan “Emi”
-DS: Owen George Sullivan
-DS: Max Cooper Sullivan
DD: Arianna Skye Sullivan “Annie”
DD: Gwendolen Kenya Sullivan “Gwen”
DS/DD: Thomas Cole Sullivan / Elizabeth Sage Sullivan “Lizzie”
DD: Hermione Violet Sullivan

Friesian horse: Blade Runner

Theodore and Ken adopted a baby girl from Japan. They decided to keep the initials she was born with, but give her a different name.

Your wildcard:
Different sex! You're allowed to change the sex of a new family addition; this includes spouses, pets and children.

*User: Ninor

LN: Bond
DH: Evander Moon Bond
DW: Eleanor Wren (Reilly) Bond

DD: Seraphina Grace (Bond) Baxter (Ophelia’s twin)
-DH: Lucas Lyle Baxter
DD: Ophelia Audrey Bond-Davidson (Seraphina’s twin)
-DH: James Carlisle Davidson
-DS: Sebastian Albert Davidson
-DD: Alice Sofia Davidson
DD: Elizabeth Miríel Bond
DS: Harry Caspian Bond
-DW: “Izzy” Reagan
aDD: Daphne Louisa (Bond) Roswell
-DH: Alfred Patrick Roswell “Al”
DS/DS: Jack Asher Bond / Rowan Nemo Bond
aDD: Susannah Jasmijn Bond
DD: Scarlett Evangeline Bond

Donkey: Frederick

Your Wildcard: Used

*User: salsa

LN: Yardley
DH: Raphael Storm
DW: Cloudy Eleanor

DS: Alexander Sidney "Xander" (Sterling’s twin)
-DW: Genevieve Rosalie Wellington
DS: Sterling Micah (Xander’s twin)
-DW: Saskia Willow Rovers
-DS: Malachi Orian
DD: Kitty Artemis
-BF: Jericho “Ric” Walker
-DD: Ciara Kate Walker
aDS: Jonathan Nicodemus
-DW: I.D.T. Walsh
DD: Nevada Winter
DD/DS: Scarlett Angelina / Cosmo Lysander
DS: Ocean Leonidas

Goldfish: Kung Po
Nebulong Cat: Nephele

Jonathan and his wife adopted a little girl from Nigeria, since Jonathan was adopted himself and he really wanted to give another child in need a loving home. Her original name was Funanya. They decide to give her a new name that somehow refers to her original name and honour either Jonathan’s mother or father with her middle name.

Your wildcard: Used

*User: Tisiphone
LN: Cunningham
DH: Cameron Chant
DW: Rosalind Juniper

DD: Rosaline Catherine (Kate’s twin)
-DH: “Bo” Kesters
DD: Kate Irene (Rosaline’s twin)
-DW: Emily Aurelia Tennison
-DD: Anneliese Jasmine
aDD: Annika Gwendoline
-DH: Ashton Garrett Onincx “Ash”
-DS: Oliver Lucas Onincx
DD: Fiona Cynthia
DS: Miles Evander
DS/DD: Liam Jules / Helena Genevieve
DS: Jack Levi

Siberian Husky: Adelaide

Your wildcard:
Name change! You can change one first, middle or last name. Please bold your change when you'd like to use it.

*User: ValerieK

LN: Bowen
DH: Gideon Silver Bowen
DW: Serena Wren {Ulrich} Bowen

DS: Henry Tobias Bowen (William’s twin)
-DW: Trinity Chelsea Olive {Karelsen} Bowen
-DS: Lachlan Samuel Bowen
DS: William Sydney Bowen (Henry’s twin)
-DW: Ella Quinn {LaRoux} Bowen
-DS: Schuyler Thomas Bowen
-DD: Fiona Faye Bowen
DD: Blythe Vera Bowen
aDD: Tessa Grace Bowen
-DH: G.R.C. Vanderbilt
DD: Meredith Tallulah Bowen
DS: Jude Barnaby Bowen
DD: Jillian Hollis Bowen

Black swan: Damien
Friesian horse: Seer
Belgian shepherd dog: Bear

Your wildcard: Used

*User: Weirwood

LN: Woodhouse
DH: Auberon Storm Woodhouse
DW: Wren Philippa (Brooks) Woodhouse

DD: Iris Persephone Woodhouse (Nimue’s twin)
-BF: Doron Leonard Sheffield “Ron”
-DS: Thomas Jude Woodhouse
-DD: Sienna Lucy Woodhouse
DD: Nimue Leonora Woodhouse (Iris’ twin)
-SO: Audra Xandrine Avery Lewis
DD: Alix Ione Woodhouse
DD: Tegan Olwen Woodhouse
DS: Henry Phoenix Woodhouse
-DW: “Ellie” Somerset
aDD: Lilith Airini Woodhouse
DS: Miles Alaric Woodhouse

Frog: Marsh
Toyger: Winston

Audra and Nimue adopted a boy from Indonesia. His name is Iskandar. They decide to either keep this or give him a variant of the same name as his first name. For his middle name they’d like something that honour Audra’s late father: Robert Leonard Lewis.

Your wildcard: Used

*User: zombieoftheweek

LN: Harvey
DW: Juniper Adelaide Harvey
DW: Philippa January Shaw "Pip"

aDD: Phoebe Helena Harvey
-DH: Seamus Aaron Robinson
-DS: Aleksandr Feliks Harvey “Sasha”
DS: Cormac Lachlan Harvey (Lazarus’ twin)
-DW: Dahlia Faith Mendez
-DS: Malachi Oscar Harvey-Mendez
DS: Lazarus Daniel Harvey (Cormac’s twin)
-DH: P.R.C. Sheridan
DD: Laurel Vardah Harvey
-DH: Harald Michael Salinger “Hal”
-DD/DS: Roisin Holly Salinger / Sean Cillian Salinger
DD: Viorica Maya Harvey
DD/DD: Audrey Johanna Harvey / Lily Adeline Harvey
DD: Garnet Rosalie Harvey

Chameleon: Comet

Phoebe really wanted to adopt a child, because she was once adopted herself and wanted to give another child without a family the same chances she had. They adopted a boy from Brazil called Zé. They like to give him a name that refers to his original name (or maybe even keep it). They’re like to honour one of Phoebe’s parents in the middle name spot.

Your wildcard: Used

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