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Subject: Re: Just a generation CAF
Author: Bea   (Authenticated as Bea)
Date: February 25, 2013 at 4:28:01 PM
Reply to: Just a generation CAF by Viatrix
DH: Gale Spencer Hemsworth (82)
DW: Molly Claire [Garfield] Hemsworth (78)

DS: Edward Adam Hemsworth (58)
DS: Thomas Peter "Tom" Hemsworth (54)
DD: Margaret Amber "Meg" [Hemsworth] Pine (52)
DD: Emily Tara [Hemsworth] Barnes (50)
DS: James Daniel "Jamie" Hemsworth (48)
DS: Jacob Christopher "Jake" Hemsworth (46)
DD: Hannah Beatrice [Hemsworth] Fox (43)
DD: Amelia Bethany Hemsworth (deceased, aged 16)
DD: Jessica Stephanie [Hemsworth] Blunt (39)
DD: Lily Mona [Hemsworth] Benjamin (36)
DS: Andrew Lyle "Drew" Hemsworth / Sarah Gabriella [Hemsworth] Malco (33)

Gale Hemsworth and Molly Garfield have Edward Hemsworth, Tom Hemsworth, Meg Pine, Emily Barnes, Jamie Hemsworth, Jake Hemsworth, Hannah Fox, Amelia Hemsworth, Jessica Blunt, Lily Benjamin, Drew Hemsworth and Sarah Malco


DH: Edward Adam Hemsworth (58)
DW: Gwendolyn Alexandra "Gwen" [Wilde] Hemsworth (50)

DD: Lucy Jane Hemsworth (29)
DD: Emma Penelope Hemsworth (28)
DS: James Stephen "Jamie" Hemsworth (25)
DD: Phoebe Alice Hemsworth (23)
DS: William Edward "Will" Hemsworth (21)
DD: Molly Christina Hemsworth (19)
DD: Anna Stella Hemsworth (16)

Edward Hemsworth and Gwen Wilde have Lucy Hemsworth, Emma Hemsworth, Jamie Hemsworth, Phoebe Hemsworth, Will Hemsworth, Molly Hemsworth and Anna Hemsworth


DS: Thomas Peter "Tom" Hemsworth (54)

Tom Hemsworth


DH: Henry Marcus Pine (63)
DW: Margaret Amber "Meg" [Hemsworth] Pine (52)

DS: Luke Damien Pine (26)
DD: Catherine Selma "Cate" Pine (25)
DD: Wilhelmina Lynn "Billy" Pine (23)
DD: Evelyn Rebecca "Eve" Pine (21)
DS: Seth George Pine (20)

Henry Pine and Meg Hemsworth have Luke Pine, Cate Pine, Billy Pine, Eve Pine and Seth Pine


DH: Ethan Ray Barnes (47)
DW: Emily Tara [Hemsworth] Barnes (50)

DD: Alexandra Carrie "Alex" Barnes (23)
DD/DS: Penny Rachel Barnes / Evan William Barnes (21)
DS: Charles Percy "Charlie" Barnes (19)
DS: Nicholas Samuel "Nick" Barnes (17)
DD: Isabelle Veronica "Belle" Barnes (15)
DD: Violet Emily Barnes (12)
DD: Talia Sophie Barnes (9)

Ethan Barnes and Emily Hemsworth have Alex Barnes, Penny Barnes, Evan Barnes, Charlie Barnes, Nick Barnes, Belle Barnes, Violet Barnes and Talia Barnes


DH: James Daniel "Jamie" Hemsworth (48)
DW: Petra Olivia [Blonsky] Hemsworth (42)

DD: Ella Sabrina Hemsworth (14)
DD: Jack Rhett Hemsworth (10)
DS: Toby Cedric Hemsworth (8)

Jamie Hemsworth and Petra Blonsky have Ella Hemsworth, Jack Hemsworth and Toby Hemsworth


DS: Jacob Christopher "Jake" Hemsworth (46)

Jake Hemsworth


DH: Joshua Neil "Josh" Fox (44)
DW: Hannah Beatrice [Hemsworth] Fox (43)

DS: Elliot Jacob Fox (20)
DS: Oliver Jack Fox (18)
DS: Sonny Samuel Fox (15)
DS: Caleb Stanley "Cal" Fox (14)
DS: Nathan Stuart "Nat" Fox (12)
DD/DD: Remy Amelia Fox / Rosie Jessica Fox (10)
DS: Harry Troy Fox (6)
DS: Theodore Dean "Ted" Fox (4)
DS: Cameron Seth Fox (3)
DD: Holly Dinah Fox (2)
DD: Jennifer Kimberly Fox (nb)

Josh Fox and Hannah Hemsworth have Elliot Fox, Oliver Fox, Sonny Fox, Cal Fox, Nat Fox, Remy Fox, Rosie Fox, Harry Fox, Ted Fox, Cameron Fox, Holly Fox and Jennifer Fox


DD: Amelia Beatrice Hemsworth (deceased, aged 16)

Amelia Hemsworth


DH: Michael Jesse Blunt (45)
DW: Jessica Stephanie [Hemsworth] Blunt (39)

DS: Jesse Taylor Blunt (20)
DD: Madeline Olivia "Maddie" Blunt (18)
DS: Scott Evan Blunt (16)
DD: Savannah Louise "Annie" Blunt (13)
DS: Joshua Michael "Josh" Blunt (11)
DD: Lola Hannah Blunt (9)
DD: Claire Molly Blunt (8)
DS: Brett Jonah Blunt (6)

Michael Blunt and Jessica Hemsworth have Jesse Blunt, Maddie Blunt, Scott Blunt, Annie Blunt, Josh Blunt, Lola Blunt, Claire Blunt and Brett Blunt


DH: Matthew Seth Benjamin (37)
DW: Lily Mona [Hemsworth] Benjamin (36)

DD: Caroline Darcy Benjamin (11)
DS: Leo Noah Benjamin (9)
DS: Guy Neil Benjamin (8)
DS: Isaac Adam Benjamin (5)
DS: Ethan Cal Benjamin (3)
DS: Ira Britt Benjamin (nb)

Matthew Benjamin and Lily Hemsworth have Caroline Benjamin, Leo Benjamin, Guy Benjamin, Isaac Benjamin, Ethan Benjamin and Ira Benjamin


DS: Andrew Lyle "Drew" Hemsworth (33)

Drew Hemsworth


DH: Christopher Travis "Chris" Malco (49)
DW: Sarah Gabriella [Hemsworth] Malco (33)

DD: Lara Erin Malco (17)

Chris Malco and Sarah Hemsworth have Lara Malco

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