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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: February 26, 2013 at 12:50:38 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Serel Channah
Samuel Brock Duffy
Margaret Joan Dean Duffy

Elizabeth Nicole Duffy
Rebecca Ruth Duffy / Caroline Rose Duffy
Everett George Duffy
Andrew Robert Duffy

Sam and Maggie Duffy: Eliza, Becca, Caro, Rhett, Drew

Elizabeth Nicole Duffy Rice
Anthony Clarence Rice

James David Rice
- Elizabeth Evelyn Gold Rice
-- Anneliese Lucille Rice
-- Scott Valentin Rice
-- August Conrad Rice

James and Liz Rice: Annie, Scotty, Augie

Vivian Jane Rice Day
- Connor Murray Day
-- Pearl Anne Day
--- Jordan Francisco Gray X
---- Taylor Franklin Day
-- Aaron Abraham Day
-- Cecilia Kathryn Day / Grace Felicia Day

Viv and Connor Day: Pearl, Aaron, Cecilia, Grace
Pearl Day and Jordan Gray: Taylor

Patrick Michael Rice
- Regina Victoria Robin Rice
-- Elliott Clement Rice
-- Isabel Jamie Rice

Patrick and Regina Rice: Elliott, Bella

Virginia Sandra Rice Smith
- Francis Stanley Smith
-- Lucie Evangelist Smith
-- Rosemarie Sheila Smith
-- Russell Frederick Smith

Ginny and Frank Smith: Lucie, Rosie, Russ

Mollie Jean Rice Star
- Henry Philip Murphy X
-- Lila Janet Murphy
- Rico Auguste Star
-- Charlie Marc Star
-- Irwin Jerry Star
-- Daniel Jason Star

Mollie Jean Star and Henry Murphy: Lila
- and Rico Star: Charlie, Win, DJ

Antonio Gerald Rice
- Emma Lillian Witt

Tony Rice and Emma Witt

Eliza and Anthony Rice: James, Viv, Patrick, Ginny, Mollie Jean, Tony

Rebecca Ruth Duffy Sands
Jonathan Christopher Sands

Celia Corrine Sands
- Alexandra Sasha Jensen
-- Cornelius Kenneth Sands-Jensen

Celia Sands and Alex Jensen: Cory

Renee Rita Sands Kogan
- William Laurence Kogan
-- Elise Aurora Kogan
-- Alley Claudia Kogan
-- Luisa Jo Kogan

Renee and Will Kogan: Elise, Alley, Lulu

Clara Michele Sands Major
- Reed Russell Major
-- Marzell Bishop Major

Clara and Reed Major: Marzell

Joseph Alan Sands
- Lee Lambert Middleton

Joey Sands and Lee Middleton

Becca and Jack Sands: Celia, Renee, Clara, Joey

Caroline Rose Duffy
Alis Flora Bloom

Jay Paul Duffy
- Alexa June Ojea Duffy
-- Anthony Alphonso Duffy
-- Rafael Gregory Duffy
-- Annabelle Norma Duffy

Jay and Lexa Duffy: Ant, Rafe, Belle

Charles Herbert Duffy
- Carmel Inez Pace Duffy
-- Nicholas Louis Duffy

Charlie and Cari Duffy: Nick

Joel Adam Duffy
- Naomi Michelle Quint
-- Rosemary Carolyn Duffy

Joel Duffy and Mimi Quint: Rosy

Esther Kathleen Duffy Ross
- Arthur Matthew Ross
-- Marco Thomas Ross
-- Alexandra Susan Ross / Cecilia Ottilie Ross
-- Neal Victor Ross

Essie and Arthur Ross: Marco, Lexa, Lia, Neal

Alice Maria Duffy
- Willis Peter Swan

Lissa Duffy and Will Swan

Jack Nathan Duffy / May Ivy Duffy

Caro Duffy and Alis Bloom: Jay, Charlie, Joel, Essie, Lissa, Jack, May

Everett George Duffy
Theresa Adrienne Patrick Duffy

Clare Gloria Duffy Pink
- Foster Jerry Pink
-- Ada Dawn Pink
-- Cecille Cate Pink

Clare and Foster Pink: Ada, Ceci Cate

William Edwin Duffy
- Virginia Hollis Lee

Liam Duffy and Ginny Lee

Alexander Douglas Duffy
- Myra Olga Sklar

Alex Duffy and Myra Sklar

Isabelle Georgie Duffy

Rhett and Tessa Duffy: Clare, Liam, Alex, Belle

Andrew Robert Duffy
Adelaide Blossom Manson Duffy

Nathaniel Warren Duffy
- Jessica Martha Reid Duffy
-- Terry Red Duffy

Nat and Jess Duffy: Terry

Eloise Florence Duffy
- Manuella Jessamine Berry

Eloise Duffy and Manny Berry

Mae Patricia Duffy
- Bryant Carl Black

Mae Duffy and Bryant Black

Rene Morris Duffy
- Eric King Carson

Rene Duffy and Eric Carson

Christopher Wayne Duffy
Mercedes Elinor Duffy
Mitchell Vernon Duffy / Charles John Duffy
Grace Gema Duffy

Drew and Addie Duffy: Nat, Eloise, Mae, Rene, Chris, Mercy, Mitchell, Charlie, Grace

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