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Subject: NTNB Round 8
Author: LadyJenna   (Authenticated as LadyJenna)
Date: February 27, 2013 at 7:16:03 AM
The Rainer Family

DH: Tristan Alexander-Lee
DW: Keeley Diannah

DS: Cullen Lucas
Dgf: Caoimhe Líadan O'Byrne(Weirwood)
-DD: Cassandra Róisín "Cass"(Ninor)
-DS/DD/DS: ?

DD: Willow Alexa-Diana(miakendall1075)
DH: Rogan Chandler Waverley
-DS/DS: Ryder Tristan and Riley Thaddeus(Ninor)
-DD: ?

DS/DS: Ayden Christopher and Cayden Frederick(ValerieK)
Ayden DW: Heather Lorriane Wilkes-Rainer
DD: ?

Cayden DW: Willa Teresa Wilcox-Rainer
DS: ?

DD: Rowan Darcy-Louisa (**Hiddlestoner_26**)
-Dbf: ?

DD/DS: Seraphina Meadow and Forrester Paxton(Weirwood)
DD: Tegan Helena-Sage(Weirwood)
DS: Liam Maximilian(Ninor)
ADS/DS: Idris Owain Perry and Celyn Steffan Perry(Weirwood)

The family has much to celebrate this year! Two weddings and six babies being born.

Rowan has a new boyfriend! His family is from Europe. He is tall and dark haired with brilliant blue eyes.

Cullen and Lianda are blessed with triplets! 2 boys and 1 girl. They want them to all have double middle names. and the intitials to be either DER or CLR.

Willow and Rogan are expecting a girl, Willow wants her to have a Nature name and her middle name is to be hyphenated with the first middle name to honor a Goddess and the second middle name to be a strong female name.

Ayden and his new bride are having a baby girl. Heather wants her to have an 80's type name like her. Something popular from the year 1988. Ayden wants the middle name to be trendy like his, unisex would be great.

Cayden and his lovely new bride Willa are now awaiting their son! They were handfasted on the same day as Ayden and Heather. Willa would like to honor her husbands twin brothers name some how in the double middle name. Cayden wants his son to have a firs name that is strong and manly.

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