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Subject: Re: CAF Generation - Variety
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 5:41:22 AM
Reply to: CAF Generation - Variety by Patience2010
H: [89] Oscar Thaddeus Holmes
W: [77] Miranda Augusta (Avery) Holmes

D1: [57] Coraline Beatrix Holmes
D2: [55] Saskia Florence Holmes
S1: [53] Jasper Otto Holmes
D3: [50] Octavia Pandora Holmes
S2: [48] Oscar Thaddeus Holmes jr.
S3: [47] Felix Virgil Holmes
S4: [45] Edmund Tobias Holmes
S5: [40] Leonard Ira Holmes

D1: [57] Coraline Beatrix (Holmes) de Revier
H: [56] Samuel Baptiste de Revier

S: [31] Alexei Theodore de Revier
-W: [21] Apollonia Isis (Ecker) de Revier

D: [29] Ottoline Aziza (de Revier) Wood
-H: [29] Nicholas Laurent Wood

D: [27] Eluned Fleur de Revier
D: [26] Olivia Jean de Revier
D: [24] Cornelia Eleanor de Revier
S: [22] Samuel Baptiste de Revier jr.
D: [20] Xanthe Fiorella de Revier

D2: [55] Saskia Florence (Holmes) Collamore
H: [61] Johannes Ambrose Collamore

S: [24] Phineas Dmitri Collamore
-W: [23] Millicent Nara (Pickles) Collamore
-S: [4] Phineas Dmitri Collamore
-D: [1] Olympia Leonora Collamore
-S: [exp] Oscar Thaddeus Collamore

S: [22] Oscar Thaddeus Collamore
S: [20] Johannes Ambrose Collamore
S: [18] Ivar Elio Collamore
D: [15] Petra Kerensa Collamore
S: [13] Daniel Navarro Collamore

S1: [53] Jasper Otto Holmes
exW: [48] Lane Harper Sampson

D: [24] Morgan Quinn Holmes
S: [22] Oscar Thaddeus Holmes

W: [52] Valentine Rowan (King) Holmes

S: [15] Jasper Otto Holmes

D3: [50] Octavia Pandora (Holmes) Snow
H: [50] Atticus Henry Snow

D: [23] Penelope Berengaria Snow
D: [21] Francesca Isabelle Snow
S: [20] Maximilian August Snow
D: [12] Seraphina Henrietta Snow

S2: [48] Oscar Thaddeus Holmes jr.
W: [47] Allegra Ernestine (Marsh) Holmes

S: [23] Isidore Ira Holmes
S: [20] Ignatius Oliver Holmes
D: [15] Eponine Araceli Holmes
D/S: [13] Aquitaine Easter Holmes / Oscar Thaddeus Holmes
D: [10] Arabella Erica Holmes

S3: [47] Felix Virgil Holmes
W: [47] Temperance Aurora (White) Holmes

D: [19] Cicely Hazel Holmes
D: [17] Leonie Enid Holmes
S: [14] Felix Virgil Holmes
S: [12] Samuel Julian Holmes
D: [9] Augusta June Holmes
D/S: [4] Lyra Isadora Holmes / Vincent Orion Holmes
D: [2] Mahalia Isaure Holmes

S4: [45] Edmund Tobias Holmes
W: [38] Zenobia Carmen (Glass) Holmes

S: [5] Edmund Tobias Holmes

S5: [40] Leonard Ira Holmes
W: [39] Rosalind Violet (Faxon) Holmes

S: [18] Augustus Walter Holmes
D: [17] Iris Marina Holmes
S: [15] Leonard Ira Holmes
S: [10] Alastair William Holmes
D: [9] Genevieve Fiona Holmes
S: [6] Frederick Tobias Holmes
S: [4] Hugo Felix Holmes
S: [2] Dorian Winston Holmes
D/S: [nb] Josephine Zara Holmes / Theodore Oscar Holmes

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