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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: Bea   (Authenticated as Bea)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 10:01:51 AM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Moirrey
DH: Owen Douglas Boothe (75)
DW: Eileen Sophia "Lena" Ruffin [Boothe] (72)

DD: Arabella Lillian Boothe (45)
DS: Arthur Edwin Boothe (43)
DS: Henry Adrian Boothe (40)
DD/DS: Miranda Emilia Boothe / Julius Edison Boothe (38)


DH: Seth Nathaniel Strange
DW: Arabella Lillian [Boothe] Strange (45)

DD: Luna Stella Strange (24)
-DBf: Tiernan Pierce Rigby (23)
--DS: Cillian Ronan Rigby (1)

Tiernan Rigby and Luna Strange have Cillian Rigby

Seth Strange and Arabella Boothe have Luna Strange


DH: Arthur Edwin Boothe (43)
DW: Alice Judith [Bell] Boothe (45)

DD: Molly Leah Boothe (17)
DD: Isabella Autumn Boothe (14)

Arthur Boothe and Alice Bell have Molly Boothe and Isabella Boothe


DH: Henry Adrian Boothe (40)
DW: Aida Frieda [Lamb] Boothe (39)

DD: Emily Stella Boothe (12)
DD: Florence Ruby Boothe (10)
DD: Lydia Georgia Boothe (9)
DS: Charles Philip "Charlie" Boothe (5)

Henry Boothe and Aida Lamb have Emily Boothe, Florence Boothe, Lydia Boothe and Charlie Boothe


DW: Miranda Emilia [Boothe] Boothe-Hartley (38)
DW: Malia Simone [Hartley] Boothe-Hartley (39)

DD: Iris Cecile Boothe-Hartley (14)
DS: Alexandra Lars Boothe-Hartley (10)

Miranda Boothe and Malia Hartley have Iris Boothe-Hartley and Alexandra Boothe-Hartley


DH: Julius Edison Boothe (38)
DW: Caroline Ophelia [Bryant] Boothe (35)

DD: Sophie Adina Boothe (10)
DS: Ira Adair Boothe (9)
DS: Ari Micah Boothe (7)

Julius Boothe and Caroline Bryant have Sophie Boothe, Ira Boothe and Ari Boothe

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