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Subject: Re: CAF Generation - Variety
Author: Bea   (Authenticated as Bea)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 10:46:33 AM
Reply to: CAF Generation - Variety by Patience2010
DH: Ira Edmund Borden (89)
DW: Phoebe Rosa-May [Sayles] Borden (77)

DD: Clara Florence [Borden] de Revier (57)
DD: Eloise Harriet [Borden] Ford (55)
DS: Jasper Silas Borden (53)
DD: Beatrice Ada [Borden] Snow (50)
DS: Ira Marlow Borden (48)
DS: Hugo Felix Borden (47)
DS: Otto Alistair Borden (45)
DS: Edmund Barnaby Borden (40)

Ira Borden and Phoebe Sayles have Clara de Revier, Eloise Ford, Jasper Borden, Beatrice Snow, Ira Borden, Hugo Borden, Otto Borden and Edmund Borden


DH: Edward Alexander de Revier (56)
DW: Clara Florence [Borden] de Revier (50)

DS: Henry Charles de Revier (31)
-DW: Lara Britt [Springsteen] de Revier (21)

Henry de Revier and Lara Springsteen

DD: Charlotte Cornelia [de Revier] van Tassel (29)
-DH: Cosmo Laurent van Tassel (29)

Cosmo van Tassel and Charlotte de Revier

DD: Eleanor Antonella de Revier (27)
DD: Caroline Xanthe de Revier(26)
DD: Alice Ottoline de Revier (24)
DS: Edward Alexander de Revier (22)
DD: Grace Saskia de Revier (20)

Edward de Revier and Clara Borden have Henry de Revier, Charlotte van Tassel, Eleanor de Revier, Caroline de Revier, Alice de Revier, Edward de Revier and Grace de Revier


DH: Linus Rupert Ford (61)
DW: Eloise Harriet [Borden] Ford (55)

DS: Stellan Alcott Ford (24)
-DW: Mariella Millicent [Lincoln] Ford (23)
--DS: Stellan Alcott Ford (4)
--DD: Lucienne Noor "Lucy" Ford (1)
--DS: Ira Edmund Ford (expecting)

Stellan Ford and Mariella Lincolhn have Stellan Ford, Lucy Ford and Ira Ford

DS: Ira Edmund Ford (22)
DS: Linus Rupert Ford (20)
DS: Jarvis Tane Ford (18)
DD: Kerensa Petra Ford (15)
DS: Piero Veer Ford (13)

Linus Ford and Eloise Borden have Stellan Ford, Ira Ford, Linus Ford, Jarvis Ford, Kerensa Ford and Piero Ford


DH: Jasper Silas Borden (53)
ExW: Alexis Emery Holmes (48)

DD: Harper Quinn Borden (24)
DS: Ira Edmund Borden (22)

DW: Valentine Gray [King] Borden (52)

DS: Jasper Silas Borden (15)

Jasper Borden and Alexis Holmes have Harper Borden and Ira Borden; Jasper Borden and Valentine King have Jasper Borden


DH: Sebastian Theodore Asher Snow (50)
DW: Beatice Ada [Borden] Snow (50)

DD: Annabelle Henrietta Adelaide Snow (23)
DD: Emilia Margaret Jane Snow (21)
DS: Elliott Theodore Mercer Snow (20)
DD: Penelope Victoria Caroline Snow (12)

Sebastian Snow and Beatrice Borden have Annabelle Snow, Emilia Snow, Elliott Snow and Penelope Snow


DH: Ira Marlow Borden (48)
DW: Elizabeth Aquinna "Liz" [Ellis] Borden (47)

DS: Oscar Iain Borden (23)
DS: Isaac Olin Borden (20)
DD: April Ernestine Borden (15)
DD/DS: Elise Aaliyah Borden / Ira Marlow Borden (13)
DD: Abigail Eponine Borden (10)

Ira Borden and Liz Ellis have Osacr Borden, Isaac Borden, April Borden, Elise Borden, Ira Borde and Abigail Borden


DH: Hugo Felix Borden (47)
DW: Zara Temperance [Oakman] Borden (47)

DD: Ella Cicely Borden (19)
DD: Leonie Enid Borden (16)
DS: Hugo Felix Borden (14)
DD: Julian Asher "Jules" Borden (12)
DD: Maya June Borden (9)
DD/DS: Poppy Luella Borden / Finlay Vincent Borden (4)
DD: Lydia Mae Borden (2)

Hugo Borden and Zara Oakman have Ella Borden, Leonie Borden, Hugo Borden, Jules Borden, Maya Borden, Poppy Borden, Finlay Borden and Lydia Borden


DH: Otto Alistair Borden (45)
DW: Susannah Ophelia [Rose] Borden (38)

DS: Otto Alistair Borden (5)

Otto Borden and Susannah Rose have Otto Borden


DH: Edmund Barnaby Borden (40)
DW: Flora Linnea [Holbrook] Borden (39)

DS: Arlo Conrad Borden (18)
DD: Violet Cecelia Borden (17)
DS: Edmund Barnaby "Ed" Borden (14)
DS: Otis Theodore Borden (10)
DD: Nola Genevieve Borden (9)
DS: Frederick Jesse "Freddie" Borden (6)
DS: Jasper Tobias Borden (4)
DS: Ambrose William Borden (2)
DD/DS: Poppy Rosalind Borden / Orson Cormac Borden (nb)

Edmund Borden and Flora Holbrook have Arlo Borden, Violet Borden, Ed Borden, Otis Borden, Nola Borden, Freddie Borden, Jasper Borden, Ambrose Borden, Poppy Borden and Orson Borden

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