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Subject: Alkahest's Superhero NTNB VII
Author: Alkahest   (Authenticated as the dying daylight)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 10:58:41 AM
This NTNB is a super-hero themed one, so it's kind of silly and kind of anything, absurd, OTT, normal or whatever goes. Have fun! :P

Join or drop out or skip rounds whenever you like, no fuss if you miss a round or haven't played before, no sign-up needed. :)

The Roldán family

DH: Hugo Alfonso Roldán "Wing Man [retired]" [57]
DW: Giorgia Alfreda (Leggièri) Roldán "Charmmancer [retired]" [52]

DS: Ricardo "Ardo" Gianpaolo Roldán "Blazing Speed" [22] (Jessamine; Bee)
---:DW: "Alias" [23]
DD/DD: Serafina "Fina" Sol Roldán "Alias" / Valeria "Ria" Luna Roldán "Alias" [19] (overtheclouds)
ADS: Levente "Lev" Joaquin Roldán [18] [Szeged, Hungary] (ValerieK)
DS: Alberico "Albi" Yuli Roldán [17] (Weirwood)
ADD: Maribel Jing-Shui Roldán [16] [Beijing, China] (Millie)
ADS/ADD/ADD: Rafael Kibwe Roldán / Susana Zuri Roldán / Tamara Kumi Roldán [Bagamoyo, Tanzania] [5] (Bee)
ADD: [4]

There's lots of change afoot for the Roldán family.

Firstly, Aldo has got married. His new wife is a normal civilian who works at the local tabloid. She is Japanese-American. Her first name is childish and composed of simple sounds (e.g, Lola, Kiki, Mimi) and her middle name and maiden name are Japanese.

Both Fina and Ria have decided to enter the super business. However, Fina has decided to become a super-villain. This is a huge shock for the family. Currently she is living away from home and isn't in regular contact with her parents. They hope it's just teenage rebellion. Her super-power is based on the control of technology, and she would like her alias to reflect that. Ria, however, is a super-hero and controls electricity. She would like her alias to be 'cute'.

Lastly, the family have adopted for the last time. Their adopted daughter is four and from Bangkok in Thailand. Her first name is Thai and her middle name is Spanish or Italian, very girly and very elaborate.

The Matevosian-Ilbert family

DH: Vahan Matevosian-Ilbert "Meteor Bane [retired]" [50]
DW: Felicia "Flick" Coriander Matevosian-Ilbert "Negachance [retired]" [49]
-Ex-DBf: Stanislav "Stas" Grigorevich Polzin "MetalMind" (Bee)

DS: Ararat "Ari" Caraway Matevosian-Ilbert "Hell-Cloud" [22] (ValerieK; Millie)
---DGf: [20]
DS/DS/DS: Altair Garen Matevosian-Ilbert "Alias" / Oberon Gevorg Matevosian-Ilbert "Alias" / Perseus Grigor Matevosian-Ilbert [19] (Viatrix)
DD: Anise Varduhi Matevosian-Ilbert [17] (Millie)
Step-DD: Gennadiya "Genna" Russet Polzina [13] (ValerieK)
Step-DD: Klavdiya "Diya" Aranka Polzina [9] (Millie)
DD: Sirvard "Siri" Aloe Matevosian-Ilbert [4] (Weirwood)

Ari has also found himself a partner. She is a minor super-villain who now acts like his side-kick. Her superpower is water-based. Her alias reflects her side-kick role, but somehow seems ridiculously grandiose. Her first name and surname are French, her middle name is an unusual "smoosh" name (e.g Annabeth).

Oberon and Altair have decided to become super-heroes. They both have the power of duplicating themselves, and work as a team. Their aliases should reflect both of these facts - they should have something to do with duplication / numerousness / whatever, and be kind of matchy, or make reference to being brothers or a team. The third triplet, Perseus, has decided to become a milkman for reasons best known to himself.

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