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Subject: Re: CAF Generation - Variety
Author: Serel Channah   (Authenticated as floppery)
Date: February 28, 2013 at 7:52:25 PM
Reply to: CAF Generation - Variety by Patience2010
H: [89] Edmund Virgil Holmes
W: [77] Ada Dorothea [Avery] Holmes

D1: [57] Margot Persephone Holmes
D2: [55] Naomi Beatrice Holmes
S1: [53] Silas Peregrine Holmes
D3: [50] Florence Eloise Holmes
S2: [48] Edmund Virgil Holmes
S3: [47] Rupert Sebastian Holmes
S4: [45] Caspian Leonard Holmes
S5: [40] Alistair Rory Holmes

Edmund and Ada Holmes
Margot, Naomi, Silas, Flora, Ned, Rupert, Caspian, and Alistair

D1: [57] Margot Persephone [Holmes] Davids
H: [56] Alexander Henry Davids

S: [31] Etienne Orion Davids
-W: [21] Isis Louisa [Beesly] Davids

D: [29] Luna Eleanor [Davids] Willems
-H: [29] Theodore Dimitri Willems

D: [27] Saskia Margaret Davids
D: [26] Helen Madeline Davids
D: [24] Beatrice Olivia Davids
S: [22] Alexander Henry Davids
D: [20] Anna Julia Davids

Margot and Xander Davids
Etienne, Luna, Saskia, Helen, Beatrice, Alex, and Anna

D2: [55] Naomi Beatrice [Holmes] Sylvester
H: [61] Linus Rupert Sylvester

S: [24] Lennox Phineas Sylvester
-W: [23] Maisie Millicent [Pickles] Sylvester
-S: [4] Lennox Phineas Sylvester
-D: [1] Keturah Lucienne Sylvester
-S: [exp] Edmund Virgil Sylvester

S: [22] Edmund Virgil Sylvester
S: [20] Linus Rupert Sylvester
S: [18] Jarvis Vittorio Sylvester
D: [15] Kerensa Pearl Sylvester
S: [13] Daniel Piero Sylvester

Naomi and Linus Sylvester
Lennox, Eddie, Rupert, Jarvis, Kerensa, and Daniel

Lennox and Maisie Sylvester
Lenny, Keturah, and Virgil

S1: [53] Silas Peregrine Holmes
exW: [48] Sasha Ellery Foster

D: [24] Lane Alexis Holmes
S: [22] Edmund Virgil Holmes

W: [52] Skyler Justice [Barker] Holmes
S: [15] Silas Peregrine Holmes

Silas Holmes and Sasha Foster
Lane and Edmund

Silas and Sky Holmes

D3: [50] Florence Eloise [Holmes] Snow
H: [50] Theodore August Everett Snow

D: [23] Emmeline Adelaide Charlotte Snow
D: [21] Eleanora Victoria Caroline Snow
S: [20] Atticus James Emmett Snow
D: [12] Penelope Jane Margaret Snow

Flora and Theo Snow
Emme, Nora, Atticus, and Nellie

S2: [48] Edmund Virgil Holmes
W: [47] Erica Abigail [Ellis] Holmes

S: [23] Israel Obadiah Holmes
S: [20] Iain Oliver Holmes
D: [15] April Arabella Holmes
D/S: [13] Eowyn Eponine Holmes / Edmund Virgil Holmes
D: [10] Allison Ellen Holmes

Ned and Erica Holmes
Israel, Iain, April, Eowyn, E.V., and Allison

S3: [47] Rupert Sebastian Holmes
W: [47] Cadence Zara [White] Holmes

D: [19] Ellie Hazel Holmes
D: [17] Alaia Leonie Holmes
S: [14] Rupert Sebastian Holmes
S: [12] Callum Oliver Holmes
D: [9] Maxine Loretta Holmes
D/S: [4] Summer Isadora Holmes / Declan Orion Holmes
D: [2] Leah Siobhan Holmes

Rupert and Cadence Holmes
Ellie, Alaia, Ru, Callum, Maxine, Summer, Declan, and Leah

S4: [45] Caspian Leonard Holmes
W: [38] Elowen Evelina [Glass] Holmes

S: [5] Caspian Leonard Holmes

Caspian and Elowen Holmes

S5: [40] Alistair Rory Holmes
W: [39] Linnea Dorothy [Alcock] Holmes

S: [18] Milo Augustus Holmes
D: [17] Molly Violet Holmes
S: [15] Alistair Rory Holmes
S: [10] Felix Simon Holmes
D: [9] Genevieve Susannah Holmes
S: [6] Julius Oscar Holmes
S: [4] Jasper Henry Holmes
S: [2] Hugo Jasper Holmes
D/S: [nb] Ingrid Fiona Holmes / Otto Seamus Holmes

Alistair and Linnea Holmes
Milo, Molly, Rory, Felix, Ginny, Julius, Jasper, Hugo, Ingrid, and Otto

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