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Subject: Results of NTNB Competition
Author: LadyBug   (Authenticated as LadyBug18)
Date: March 2, 2013 at 8:28:00 AM
Thanks for all of the lovely combos everyone! I judged combos based on which ones best fit the criteria for each family and the flow of the combos.

These are the answers for the NTNB Competition:

Family #1
LN: stars with M

DH: Tim
DW: Michelle

DS: Jason
DS: David
DS: Joshua
DS: Jeremiah
DS: Matthew
DS: Josiah
Expecting DS: Samuel Noah [Bex]

Tim & Michelle are expecting their seventh son this autumn. Like their other boys' names they'd like this new baby to have fairly well known Biblical names, and preferably nothing starting with J.


Family #2
LN: starts with O

DH: Nathan
DW: Julie

DS: Ephraim
DD: Emma
DD: Ruth
DS: John
DS: Simon
Expecting DD or DS: Anna Lillian [Weirwood] -or- Henry Louis [Loki]

Nathan & Julie are excited to welcome baby number six this coming autumn but aren't sure yet what they're having. They like classic names with shorter sounds. The middle name should start with L.


Family #3

DH: Mark
DW: Vanessa

DS: Ryker James
Expecting DS: Brantley William [Ninor]

Mark and Vanessa are excited to welcome their second son and playmate for Ryker this summer. They love unusual first names that have a slightly trendy vibe to them. But the middle name should be classic.


Family #4
LN: starts with M

DH: Chuck
DW: Tessa

Expecting DD: Jemima Penelope [Bex]

Chuck and Tessa are ecstatic to welcome their first baby this spring! They love unusual Biblical and Jewish names with sweet meanings. For the middle name they want to honor one of their moms: Bridgette or Penelope "Penny".


I'll probably do another of these games soon as I have more friends who are expecting. :)

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