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Subject: Re: Generation CAF
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: March 17, 2013 at 12:14:30 PM
Reply to: Generation CAF by Moirrey
Michael Jerome Trent
Maryann Inez Busby Trent

Lillian Molly Trent
Benjamin Uriah Trent
Sebastian Aaron Trent
Emilia Paulina Trent / Julius Bede Trent

Mike and Mary Trent: Lillie, Ben, Seb, Mia, Julius

Lillian Molly Trent Greenlee
Luke Zachariah Greenlee

Celeste Tara Greenlee
- Gareth Gregor Tabor
-- Ronan Conor Greenlee Tabor

Lillie and Luke: Celeste
Celeste and Gareth: Ronan

Benjamin Uriah Trent
Stephanie Frances Romero Trent

Caitlin Molly Trent
Chloe Kathryn Trent

Ben and Steph: Caitlin, Chloe

Sebastian Aaron Trent
Lauren Leandra West Trent

Sophia Hannah Trent
Ruby Delia Trent
Lydia Georgia Trent
Harold Victor Trent

Seb and Lauren: Sophia, Ruby, Lydia, Harry

Emilia Paulina Trent
Iolanthe Talitha Deloach

Amity Salome Trent
Alexander Jadon Trent

Mia and Iolanthe: Amy, Alex

Julius Bede Trent
Rivka Fidelma Williams Trent

Leah Diana Trent
Andor Adair Trent
Aidan Doran Trent

Julius and Rivka: Leah, Andy, Aidan

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