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Subject: Erb816’s Academy Award Nominations Congrats! (Part 7 of 11)
Author: erb816   (Authenticated as erb816)
Date: January 24, 2020 at 6:44:17 AM
Part 1 (The Couple):
Part 2 (First Child):
Part 3 (Second Child):
Part 4 (Third Child):
Part 5 (Fourth Child):
Part 6 (Fifth Child):
Part 7 (First Child's Family)
Part 8 (Second Child's Family):
Part 9 (Third Child's Family):
Part 10 (Fourth Child's Family):
Part 11 (Fifth Child's Family):

We have named all members of the initial family! Now we move onto Round 7, and the next generation - starting with the firstborn's family.

(For this round, there will be a main namebank for first and middle names, and the choices among nominees will determine family structure.)

Which of these is the Best Animated Feature Film?

1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

2. I Lost My Body

3. Klaus

4. Missing Link

5. Toy Story 4

If you chose...

1. LN: Bacunawa, Drake, Lagorio, Mondragón, Pendragon, Ryuen, Serpico
Children: one pair of twins, boy & girl

2. LN: Arfi, d’Assumçao, Du Bois, Faris, Loucif, Mesbah, Ronté
Children: one son

3. LN: Jones, Labba, MacDonald, Pablos, Sasso, Schwartzman, Simmons
Children: nine kids! Flip a coin for genders.

4. LN: Blessing, Frost, Link, Olyphant, Saldana, Scrivener, Thompson
Children: five kids! Boy, girl, boy, girl, and flip a coin for the youngest

5. LN: Allen, Hale, Hanks, Key, McGraw, Peele, Potts
Children: four kids, flip a coin for genders


Adélard Alton Antonin Aziz Baldric Beckett Benjamin Buster Bryant Carl Carter Cassidy Charles Clyde Cyril Dacre Darius Digby Edward Faizel Florent Fraser Georg Herbert Hidayat James Jokum Lamar Leigh Lewis Lorn Luukas Marlin Mathys Milo Najm Neville Noé Nur Pace Patrick Peregrine Phoenix Qasim Raeburn Ronan Ryder Séverin Shakur Sky Taj Terell Vesa

Beryl Bethany Blythe Calanthe Cecily Chantelle Cherice Cheyenne Claire Cortney Edith Élodie Erna Estelle Fern Fizza Heaven Husna Ingebjørg Jade July Juniper Jytte Kristine Laryn Laverne Leila Lianne Linnaea Lorena Madeleine Maja Marcelline Mary Mathilde Melody Nawra Nova Peyton Piritta Rabab Roslyn Roberta Saranna Shelly Sierra Tammara Viona Virva Xanthia Zakiyya


Please rate my personal name lists:

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