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Subject: Re: Ethical question
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: April 25, 2012 at 8:16:56 PM
Reply to: Re: Ethical question by Fiammetta
See I don't give my clothes away just to get rid of stuff. Here at school I have some storage issues but at home I have room to spare even with all my clothes. So I'm rarely ever getting rid of things just to get rid of old stuff (though with some of my clothes that does definitely happen). My problem is I get really attached to my clothes, so even if I don't wear something I still really like it. I give them away not because they're old, but because I simply don't need that many clothes and someone else could probably use another coat when I have at least seven coats now.

There's certain articles of clothing that if someone took, good for them. Things that I just don't care about that much. My aunts are pretty fond of giving me their old clothes and I usually just end up donating most of them. But things that I'm attached to I like to thing that someone else will get it and love it as much as I did. So I guess I'd be sad if someone took the 'special' things I gave away but not the meh things. And of course nobody would ever have any clue what was Special or not in a bag full of folded clothes and shoes.

I think my issue is less that its getting taken and more that its not going to some super poor person (I know it probably isn't going to a super poor person anyway but I like to be idealistic haha). I like to imagine my clothes getting donated to the homeless or something equally romantic even if I know that's not how it really is. Clothes are just one of those touchy subjects for me, I want everybody to be able to dress in nice fashionable clothes, no matter how financially challenged they are. Which is why I donate them in the first place.

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