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Subject: Re: 2012 US Presidential Election Quiz
Author: Ora   (Authenticated as Ora)
Date: April 29, 2012 at 7:32:58 PM
Reply to: 2012 US Presidential Election Quiz by Adenydd
83% Green, 65% Democratic, 65% Libertarian, 49% Republican

I think that's fairly accurate, seeing how I agree with bits and pieces of all of them and don't consider myself a strong liberal or a conservative.

This was informative though because I didn't really know what other candidates there were. Too bad the only candidates that have a chance are the ones that run with the backing of the Democratic and Republican parties. So I'm not going "waste" my vote on a candidate I know won't win, especially since I'm sure the race will be close between Obama and Romney.

Ken Mesplay 83%
Fred Karger 80%
Gary Johnson 77%
Barack Obama 69%

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