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Subject: Asperger's
Author: ADT   (Authenticated as ADT)
Date: January 5, 2013 at 3:14:48 PM
I first found out about Asperger's from the Lounge since I know that a few people have it here. On New Years Eve I had a date and things were amazing but a bit off sometimes, especially with rude things that he would say or odd ways that he would act. I had a feeling that it was Asperger's because of what I've read here. He's also an Ashkenazi Jew and they have a higher chance of getting Asperger's. I texted him about him making me feel uncomfortable and he shared with me that he has mild Asperger's. So, here I am liking him and yet thinking of what his condition may mean for us since the date has turned into a relationship. How is it to date with the condition? Does it get better or is it randomly triggered?

He asked me if I know what Asperger's Syndrome is and my first thought was "Of course! BtN!" :)


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