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Subject: advice... please
Author: Kelsey   (Authenticated as --allison--)
Date: January 9, 2013 at 10:40:20 AM
So this morning I logged onto my computer and as soon as I did, this pop up popped up and at the top it said "United States Department of Justice" and it said that my computer had been blocked and that there were files on my computer that were in violation of 3 articles and they were child porn, coprighted files, and unlicensed software. It said that I had 48 hours to buy some kind of software thing from one of several places like Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, etc, and pay a $300 fine or else "a criminal case against you will be executed automatically". And now I'm extremely creeped out. I have never looked at kiddie porn in my life. I mean sometimes when I google something and click a bad link, or mistype a URL sometimes porn does come up, but I always exit out of the tab. And I have no idea what copyrighted files or unlicensed software they could even be referring to. My dad says its just a scam, and my computer does get spyware all the time, and I've never been concerned before, but I'VE NEVER BEEN THREATENED WITH JAIL TIME BEFORE. I'm seriously freaking out. Part of me thinks it is a scam, because:

a.) They wouldn't "block" my computer, would they? It seems like they'd just show up at my house and break down my door or something.

b.) Doesn't the FBI usually deal with kiddie porn? and

c.) My mom's computer worked on the internet just fine, from the same IP address. Wouldn't they have blocked the whole IP address from accessing the internet if they thought I was into all that?

But then again a part of me is really creeped out because, what if it's serious? I haven't done anything wrong, but it's still really scary to have something like this even be a possibility. Guys please help me out here. I'm running my virus scanners to see if it will remove the pop up and if it does then I think its safe to say it was only spyware, but if it doesn't... I don't know... Please help me out. Do you think it's nothing? And yes I realize I'm freaking out....

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