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Subject: This or That with food
Author: Ana   (Authenticated as clouds)
Date: January 13, 2013 at 8:22:23 PM
My friends and I do this sometimes... Enjoy!
I apologise if you are vegetarian/vegan or have food allergies and can't answer some of the questions...

Tomato-based pasta sauce or cream-based pasta sauce
Cream or ice cream
White chocolate or dark chocolate or milk chocolate
Tomato sauce or barbeque sauce
Fried rice or risotto
Spicy or mild
Cereal or toast
Vegemite or peanut butter (I suppose this only works if you've had Vegemite...)
Nutella or peanut butter
Brown bread or white bread
Wholegrain mustard or smooth mustard
Tea or coffee
Hot chocolate or iced chocolate
Hummus or guacamole
Pizza or pasta
Apple or pear
Strawberries or cherries
Peaches or plums
Cupcake or donut
Apple pie or apple cake
Breakfast or dinner
Milkshake or juice
Seafood or meat (or neither...)
Tacos or burritos
French or Italian
Red wine or white wine
Noodles or rice
Spring rolls or rice paper rolls
Still water or sparkling water

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