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Subject: Music of 2012
Author: carly_ann   (Authenticated as carly_ann)
Date: January 15, 2013 at 9:57:34 PM
Hey everyone, I would like to listen to some new music and for myself 2012 was a great year for new music. I was hoping people could post their favourite new (or at least new to you) bands (or albums) of 2012. Also if you could say what country you live in I think that would be interesting! :)

Here are mine!

I live in Canada
1. The Lumineers (USA)
2. Gossimer Album by Passion Pit (USA)
3. Of Monsters And Men (Iceland)
4. Top Less Gay Love Techno Party (ya it is as weird as it sounds!) (Canada)
5. Aer (USA)

I hope people like this idea and share a love for music like I do, If not I apologize but still recommend you listen to a song or two to broaden your musical horizon! :)


Edit: I didn't see the other music one a few posts down oops!

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