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Subject: Writing Groups
Author: vigdis   (guest,
Date: January 18, 2013 at 3:35:21 PM
One of my goals for the New Year was to write and I've joined a writing group. The problem is that I'm not - and never will be - a fiction writer. I'm an essay writer and I love non-fiction. For those in writing groups, did you guys ever have a non-fiction writer? I really don't want to 'do' anything with my writing - my main goal is to create a portfolio of pieces to show a friend and see if there is any promise in what I've written. If there is then I'll probably submit a piece or two to a few small magazines, mostly faith-based. The writing group is to help keep me to my goal, as I know a few people there and I trust their feedback dearly.

So: Thoughts? What to expect? I'm pretty good at giving criticism without being mean, but this group is going to be teaching me how to accept criticism without being a whiny baby - something else I need to learn.

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