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Subject: Re: Movie Quotes Game!
Author: Violet   (Authenticated as dlilly)
Date: January 19, 2013 at 10:18:33 PM
Reply to: Movie Quotes Game! by Roseth Helcië
-You can write about us.
-Call it "The Slut and the Falcon" and make us solve crimes!

-At what grade do we stop believing in ourselves? At what grade do we stop believing, period? I mean, someone has to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner, someone has to be ballerina. Why not us?

-I want to be an explorer, like the great Magellan.
-Oh, you're too late! There's nothing left to explore!

-Sand is overrated. It's just tiny little rocks.

5. (Okay, I cheated- this one is from a stage musical.)
-Actually, I better go.
-Walk as far as my house with me.
-I wish I could.
-Then why don't you?
-80 lines of Virgil, 16 equations, a paper on the Hapsburgs.

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