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Subject: Little bit of news and nasty gossip....Meemaw and Pop Pop are history
Author: queenv   (Authenticated as queenv)
Date: January 20, 2013 at 10:35:37 AM
Hey everyone! I'm at my daughter's babysitting my grandsons for an hour. She is coming back soon and then we are going to look at the place where she is getting married on April 21. It was to have been December 21, but it got pushed back. Anyhow, I thought I'd post a bit of news and gossip.

Remember the hissy fit I pitched a while back because my grandsons were calling my ex-son-in-law's girlfriend's parents MeeMaw and Pop Pop and then the conversation on here got a bit nasty? Well, the two of them broke up last October and my ex-son-in-law and his family decreed that my grandsons were to have no contact with the now ex-girlfriend or her parents from that point on and they haven't, so the whole thing is a now a dead issue.

And once the girlfriend was an ex, my daughter was told some things about her that she hadn't been privy to before. That she used to be a meth addict, and also manufactured and sold meth and spent some time in prison for that. Also, we knew that her husband had died when she was pregnant with her son but we didn't know how he had died. Then we found out. He had also gone to prison for manufacturing meth, got out on bond, and was shot in the head and killed by his own father. Freaky. We felt that we didn't want to hold her past against her, had we known, but we felt that my daughter was entitled to know these things while the two of them were together, which she certainly didn't.

I guess I shouldn't have made such a big deal about the Meemaw and Pop Pop thing, but I do hope that if and when my ex-son-in-law gets a new girlfriend, they don't jump the gun on those family type names. They were even calling the girlfriend "Mommy S.", and then boom, she was out of their lives.

Once in a while, they call Wes "Dad", but he always says, "No, I'm not your Dad. You have a Dad. I'm Wes."

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