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Subject: Re: Three random questions for a Monday morning
Author: Hecate   (Authenticated as Hecate)
Date: January 21, 2013 at 9:30:11 AM
Reply to: Three random questions for a Monday morning by Billina
1. When someone else is talking, do you ever unintentionally mimic their facial expressions? I do this all the time, and I'm wondering if anyone else does.
No, but sometimes I unintenionally mimick their accent and some people get offended. There's a girl at college whose accent is very similar to my grandmother's and other people from her region and I'm very used to hearing it and sometimes when we talk I use the same accent and she thinks I'm mocking her...

2. Do you think the definition of the word "gay" is changing, or do you think it still means ONE thing, and that it shouldn't be used by people to describe something weak or lame? I work with someone who uses it that way, and we got into a mini-debate over it. WDYT? What are your thoughts on words changing meaning in general?
Well, the definition of gay has changed in the past so I guess it shouldn't bother me that it's changing again but I don't like the weak/lame association. In general, I can't say I dislike words changing meaning over time unless the new meaning is offending or is a misused term that became normal or common because to many people used it.

3. What time is it where you live?
It's 7.30 pm.

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