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Subject: Re: Three random questions for a Monday morning
Author: Ludwig   (Authenticated as blaaarg)
Date: January 22, 2013 at 12:33:15 PM
Reply to: Three random questions for a Monday morning by Billina
1. I think it actually probably means you're empathetic than those who don't. It means you're less able to separate someone else's feelings from your own. If someone makes a facial expression, they're prepping you to receive the content of whatever they're about to say in the same emotion as their face. If you make that face too,
1. not only are facial expressions tied to emotions enough that enacting an expression will help you to feel the emotion, but
2. it will give the person talking to you environmental feedback that makes them emotionally feel what they're saying even more strongly.

So it helps with understanding on both ends, I'd think - helps the listener understand, and the speaker articulate

2. Of course it's okay for words to mean anything people want! Things evolve. My friends and I all use the word "Starla" as a pejorative term, to mean, like, bad or ungood or otherwise undesirable and negative. It's not Starlaist at all. I'm friends with Starlas!

3. Practice time, right?

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