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Subject: Re: Three random questions for a Monday morning
Author: Aine   (Authenticated as poetic_freedom)
Date: January 22, 2013 at 5:00:07 PM
Reply to: Re: Three random questions for a Monday morning by Billina
Mirror neurons are a crazy cool discovery. The experiments they've done on primates with them and stuff are awesome. On brain scans in people and in primates, they show that brain activity happens in the part of the cortex that controls the right arm for example, when the subject is watching someone else move their right arm (but they don't necessarily move it).

Mimicking facial expressions though also sets off these neurons and it is really a fundamental part of communication...I mean, imagine you were having the best day ever and then a stranger wants to talk to you about something they're really upset about and you keep smiling. Communication breakdown. Likewise, if you're telling someone a good story and are all animated and they just stare at you dead pan. It happens but it isn't good for creating strong social bonds and things.

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