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Subject: Re: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does
Author: Calla   (guest,
Date: January 22, 2013 at 6:55:08 PM
Reply to: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does by Billina
I'll second Aine's tattoo love. My sister has 13/14 (I forget) tattoos, my bro-in-law (the tattoo artist) has about 30, my mother has 1 (an itty bitty peace sign on her ankle--she's a hippie and she was curious about how a tattoo feels).

I'm not a fan of facial tattoos unless they're for a cultural thing but otherwise whole body art is amazing. There are some really skilled artists out there and I feel like they never get their due because the person who is praised is the person wearing the ink.

Glitter. I LOOOOVE glitter. Kesha has made it trashy, Twilight has made it lame. But whatever. I adore glitter so damn much. I think it's beautiful and entrancing. I like sparkly jewelry, one of my perfumes has glitter in it (though it's only a little), and I would wear glitter makeup 24/7 if I could. In fact, I'd probably doll myself up like a colorful drag queen because I just find it beautiful and fascinating! I've always wanted a pair of glittery, ruby red Converse. 10 brownies for anyone who finds them for me. Ode to glitter over. :P

I don't know if this is unpopular but I think it's rare. The ear threading thing? I don't know what it's really called. It's when a person has their whole ear pierced like 13 times and they take a chain or whatever and lace it through all the holes. It looks so awesome and it inspires me to do it, too. But I only have my ears pierced and that didn't even happen until I was 21 so...

Unflattering baggy clothes. I love them. I'd wear pajamas all the time. If I could wear whatever I wanted without caring about how I look I would dress like a toddler. Fancy boots, pajama pants, lacey shirt, bathrobe, braided hair, drag queen makeup. Ohhh yeah.

Tall socks with shorts. I love it. The crazier the sock the better. My cousin hates it but I think it's great. I have so many awesome socks, why shouldn't I show them off?! :D

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