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Subject: Re: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does
Author: Calla   (guest,
Date: January 23, 2013 at 12:37:01 AM
Reply to: Re: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does by Parfaitcheri
Avatar owns my heart. I love it so much it doesn't have a single flaw in my eyes. Korra was very disappointed. I tried very, very hard to like it and I went in with an open mind. I think they suffered because they only had 2 writers. The creators, whose names are escaping my noggin at the moment, and I feel like they might have been overextended. And I heard there was a lot of upper management forced involvement. But in the end the product we were given was very disappointing. Lin Bei Fong was pretty epic, though.

I love lace and I'm glad it's making a comeback. I hope that doesn't disappear soon. I remember in high school I mentioned wanting a partial sheer black lace dress (sheer on the arms and shoulder area) and everyone thought I was nuts. But lookie here! Lace is everywhere!! I've seen a girl wear a tight black mesh-like shirt with a glittery red bra (although it was so bedazzled and fancy I'd imagine it was meant to be seen and never covered) and I thought it looked fabulous.

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