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Subject: Our band covers
Author: Bex   (Authenticated as Bex)
Date: January 23, 2013 at 7:51:50 PM
Reply to: Share a song by Parfaitcheri
Since I can't decide what to post, here are the originals of some of the songs my band covers:

Bad Fish - Sublime: - we are much heavier and have a nice trumpet solo.

Harder they come - Jimmy Cliff: - we do a very cool ska version with horns and much faster. Its really fun to play. Slightly similar to this:

Santaria - Sublime: - very popular with our crowd! Its really fun one to stick in for an encore.

Science of selling yourself short - Less than Jake - - this one we haven't done in more than a year. I've only played it once I think. Big crowd favorite!

All my friends are metal heads - Less than Jake - - my absolute favorite!!! I love to blow my ass off and dance around like a moron!

For Boston - Dropkick Murphys - - we did this once for last years st patricks day. Was a big hit! We didn't have bagpipes but the horns played the pipe line. We might get a pipe player this year!

Here's to life - Street Light Manifesto - - Not a cover song that I did with the band but I have done this one with another group. We ACTUALLY PLAYED WITH streetlight Manifesto!! We got offered the Australian and New Zealand tours but just did the New Zealand one :)

Also we are not a cover band. We do originals, but these are the ones that we have done over the last 4 years. Some were learnt for special gigs (Sublime and Less than Jake tribute concerts etc.) we have dozens of our own originals and have an EP out and just recorded our albumn! :D

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