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Subject: Re: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does
Author: Cherryfrog   (guest,
Date: January 26, 2013 at 5:51:02 AM
Reply to: Stuff You Like That No One Else Does by Billina
Funny I never would have imagined people have an opinion on high heels, they're an item of clothing as common as socks to me lol.

My things are:

Gossiping: I love finding out who is dating who or who did what! And yes when I find gossip out, I spread it! I'd like to clarify the distinction between B!tch!ing and gossip though.

Swearing: Yes, my mouth needs washing out from it, but when your having a laugh, I think swearing can actually be funny. I never do it serious to insult someone but when me and my friends are taking the mick out of each other or I'm telling a joke I pepper my conversation with it. I also love comedies that swear a lot too, I guess since I was brought up to be a good girl it feels naughty to do lol!

It's hard, I can't think of things I like that other people don't. I find have my eyebrows plucked relaxing, I love getting waxes, I'm absolutely mad for broccoli, cabbage and kale, off the top of my head I can't think of anything else.

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