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Subject: Re: Some unrelated, quite weird, questions
Author: Alcyone   (Authenticated as Alcyone)
Date: January 27, 2013 at 4:40:50 PM
Reply to: Some unrelated, quite weird, questions by AnastasiaE
1. Have you ever worn your pajamas in public? If yes, how did it feel for you? What is your opinion on the matter (regardless of whether you've done it)?

Only once. I was going to a pajama party, and my friend and I needed to stop at the store beforehand to get something to bring. We wore non-pajama tops and jackets, though. The only pajama items we wore were flannel pajama pants.

I'm not a fan of wearing pajamas in public. I don't remember being terribly comfortable about wearing pajama bottoms, but our trip was brief. We at least had a good explanation in case anyone asked, but no one did. So many people wear pajama bottoms in public these days that it probably seemed like nothing new to most people.

2. Have you ever deliberately eaten pet food (especially fish food)? If yes, how did it taste.

Yes, when I was a kid, I tried dry dog food. I didn't care for the taste, and it was very dry. I think I may have tried dog jerky as well. I must have not cared for it either.

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